Lily Attwood is in the money in Spain

Lily Attwood claimed second in the 3* 1.40m with Cor-Leon VD Vlierbeek Z on the Spanish Sunshine Tour in Vejer de la Frontera. 

A total of 78 competitors contended this section A speed class with Lily and the 10-year-old Cor-Leon slotting into the runner-up spot 1.04 sec behind the winner, Colombia’s Carlos Lopez Lizarazo on G&C Arrayan.  Harry Charles was more than three sec in arrears for seventh with ABC Quantum Cruise.

Matt Sampson clinched third spot on Cristo Beech in the 75-horse 1.40 section B, the It’s the Business/Cantero nine-year-old just 0.28 sec behind the winner, The USA’s Julie Welles on Ambra.  Joe Stockdale steered Gunner into fourth with Ellen Whitaker on Jack Van’t Kattehneye in sixth.  Scarlett Charles guided Lordanos Junior into eighth and Holly Smith finished 12th on Denver.

Jude Burgess repeated Wednesday’s five-year-old win on Pretty Woman Van Loheky 24 hours later, topping the 30-strong 1.15m two-phase section A by 1.53 sec.  Elliott Rowe claimed fifth on Kane with Anthony Condon’s Family Affaire in sixth and Matt Sampson was 10th aboard Penturio Van Strijtem.


Rob Bevis steered the eight-year-old Hoxynula-N into fifth in the 115-strong big tour 1.35m speed 1.82 sec.  Ellen Whitaker finished eighth on H Quainton Xtra Factor and Millie Allen steered Ardis into 12th.

Elliott picked up second in the 31-horse five-year-old section B on Kovella ES 4.69 sec off the pace.  A steady double clear from Max Routledge claimed eighth on Kapatero-F. 

David McPherson eased Jordi-Zavall (Zavall VDL/Chin Chin) into third in the 54-horse six-year-old section A 1.30m speed with an easy clear almost 10 sec off the pace.  Joe Clayton Slotted Gucci into sixth with Megan James on Billy Seymour and Saskia Norum aboard Jack Querele FH finishing ninth and 10th.

Miles Pearson steered Justus (Zapatero/Sydney) into third in the 55-entry six-year-old section B 3.12 sec behind the winner.  Scott Dollemore came home penalty-free for fifth on Caskkato TW. 

Holly Smith jumped into sixth in the 42-horse seven-year-old 1.40m speed with the Commisaris/Concorde mare Azolette with an easy clear 10.63 sec behind the winner.  Jude jumped clear on Nikita Van De Vlasbloemhoeve for 11th.

Double clears in the 122-horse big tour 1.40m two-phase earned Kayleigh Watts on Ninkie De Vy Z and Harriet Nuttall with Night of Glory OL claimed seventh and eighth places.



Gemma Wright galloped to the top in the silver 1.25m with Top Limit at MET III in Oliva Nova, Spain. 

A big entry of 95 tackled this hot, competitive speed class but Gemma had the upper hand all the way, the Calvados/Wolfgang 20-year-old Top Limit belieing his years to win by just 0.09 sec.  Carmen Edwards was over three sec in arrears for seventh on Laurina followed closely by Remy Ellis in eighth aboard Warendorf and Tony French picked up 13th with Starship.

Kerry Brennan is back in competition following the birth of her daughter and slotted Wellington M into second in the Gold 1.30m speed, the ever-eager Quidam De Ravel/Cash 17-year-old finishing 0.30 sec behind the winner.  Sammie Jo Coffin was half a sec behind for third on the 10-year-old Catch The Pigeon II and also claimed sixth on Cabri Louvo.  Remy finished ninth on Helsinki and Leonie Aitkenhead steered Clane K into 15th.

Kerstin Deakin eased Qlicious into second in the 63-strong six-year-old 1.25m two-phase, the Cornettino Ask/Quattro B mare finishing 0.32 sec behind the pace.  Tony French guided Origi DW into seventh and Danielle Farnsworth was also double clear on Consini Z for 10th. 

Sammie Jo piloted the Andiamo Z eight-year-old Habraxis into fourth in the 72-horse silver 1.35m speed 3.25 sec off the pace.

Tom Hollins eased Priceless Dream (Heartbeat/Clinton) into fifth in the 60-entry five-year-old 1.15m two-phase 6.20 sec behind the pace.  Charlotte Ash guided Preben Van De Doorknakker into eighth and Ben Raistrick picked up one time fault on Kaloubet for 13th.

Spencer Roe opted for steady in the 29-horse gold 1.45m speed, giving the Baoubet Du Rouet 11-year-old Eclips an easy run out to take sixth on two time faults.  Four faults dropped Chloe Aston and Flavie Van De Helle from second to ninth.

Carmen Edwards rode Geodina HS into fourth in the 73-strong gold 1.40m two-phase, the Bodinus/Corland nine-year-old finishing 0.94 sec behind the pace.  Danielle claimed 10th on Jemilla and Carmen also finished 14th with a double clear on Happy Valerie.  

A double clear in the 58-entry seven-year-old 1.35m two-phase earned Ruby Fryer and Boss Z sixth spot 2.22 sec behind the winner.  Charlotte was also penalty-free for 11th on Irma-Riende. 


 Ben Maher guided Tic Tac into third in the Suncast Welcome Stakes at the Palm Beach Masters, Deeridge Farm in the USA.

Forty-four contended this 5* speed class over a 1.45m track with Ben and the Clinton/Darco 17-year-old finishing 1.38 sec behind the winner, The USA’s McLain Ward on Catoki.  Emily Moffitt slotted the Toulon 13-year-old Tipsy Du Terral into fourth and Alexandra Thornton was also clear for ninth on Charelle. 

Emily picked up fifth in the 48-strong 5* 1.40m two-phase with Hilfiger Van De Olmenhoeve, the Dulf Van Den Bisschop 13-year-old 3.56 sec off the pace.  Alexandra rode Cornetto K into 12th.

Blythe Masters claimed victory in the 29-horse 2* 1.30m speed on Damn Smooth, the Luidam/Diamond Lad 12-year-old flying into the top spot with more than two sec in hand. 


Text and Photos © Jumping Around/Spanish Sunshine tour & Moises Basallote

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