Laura Renwick adds another win to her tally in Vilamoura

Laura Renwick continued with her incredible winning run in on the Vilamoura Atlantic tour in Portugal, taking victory in the 3* 1.40m with Teza Englefield’s Anvil’s Every Little Helps.

Fifty-one contended this speed class with Laura outpacing them all to claim the top spot by 1.05 sec on the Astral 12-year-old mare. Olli Fletcher guided the Wandor Van De Mispelaere 13-year-old Horst Van De Mispelaere into third 1.30 sec in arrears with Jackson Reed-Stephenson on Muna VD Bisschop and Nicole Pavitt’s Southend in fourth and fifth. Laura Mantel rode Whitesparke Pepper into 10th with Douglas Duffin 15th aboard CES Wicked Contender and Laura Renwick jumped the steadiest of the clears for 19th on Cares Van Het Moeshof.

Laura Renwick almost made it two but had to settle for second spot in the 3* 1.45m on her home-bred Arkuga. Only 12 of the 78 starters reached the jump-off with Laura and the Arko/Heartbreaker nine-year-old slotting into the runner-up position 0.23 sec behind the winner, Ireland’s Mikey Pender on Casanova Van Overis Z. Lily Attwood jumped into fourth on the 10-year-old mare Calvaro’s Up To Date (Calvaro FC/Up To Date) and Charlene Bastone was also double clear for seventh on Sanlou while four faults dropped David Simpson’s Jenson 55 down to 10th.

George Whitaker led the way in a British one-two in the 3* 1.35m two-phase with Giranette. A mammoth 102 started in this class but George was decisively quick on the Carthino Z/Unaniem nine-year-old mare to take the win by an impressive 1.10 sec. Izzi Ryder slotted the Winningmood 12-year-old In The Mood VHK into second with Nicole Pavitt on Goldstar and Sophie Fawcett aboard Cedric in sixth and seventh while one time fault put Stephen Lohoar and Horatio Van Ter Hulst into 10th.

Alice Godfrey galloped into the top spot of the 67-entry 1* 1.10m speed with the speedy Bugac Donat, the Doliart/Gambler 19-year-old winning with 2.80 sec to spare. Fellow Brit Honor Draycott eased the Lux Z/Clover Hill 13-year-old Lux De Lux claimed second and Maisy Williams finished fifth with the Warrior 10-year-old Native Warrior. Annabelle Brown rode Felicio into 10th with Stacey Willsone close behind in 11th aboard Alsager, Brian Fitzpatrcik guided Millfield Diandra into 14th while steady clears from Francesca Draycott on Fernhill Fair Cruise and Freya Lily Webb on Fun Time Cilla finished 18th and 21st.

A total of 99 competitors tackled the 3* 1.20m speed with Arabella Prior filling third place on the Azteca VDL/Phin Phin 10-year-old Friso 2.09 sec behind the pace. Charlene claimed fourth on the 11-year-old Misty Blue with Poppy Stronge sixth on Lucky 3, Stacey finished 10th and 14th aboard Newton Nickel and CSF Olympic Lady, Barry Dove was 13th on Germates while Annabelle Brown (Lissyegan Luise Royale) and Michaela Wood (Lingala) jumped clear for 17th and 20th.

Alice Watson outpaced all challengers to claim victory in the big tour 1.40m with seasoned campaigner Billy Lemon on the Spanish sunshine tour in Vejer de la Frontera.

A mammoth 103 competitors started in this two-phase but none were a match for Alice and the Cevin Z/Andretti 15-year-old mare and they seized the win with 0.99 sec in hand. Kayleigh Watts steered the Chatman 10-year-old Kimosa Van Het Kritrahof into third and steady double clears from William and Pippa Funnell on Billy Take That and Billy Spiral finished 17th and 19th.

And Alice finished sixth in the 53-entry big tour 1.30m speed with the nine-year-old Gift of Mr Blue 4.44 sec behind the winner. Ryan Lockwood picked up one time fault on Valento and tim Gredley finished on two with Melvin VD Bisschop for 11th and 13th.

Matt Sampson settled for second spot in the big tour 3* 1.45m on Cristo Beech. Sixty-eight tackled this two-phase with Matt and the It’s the Business/Cantero nine-year-old finishing .1.50 sec behind the winner, The Netherlands’ Sanne Thijssen on No Fear VD Tichelrij Z. William Funnell eased Billy McCain into sixth with Joe Clayton 10th on My Way B&V and Jake Saywell 12th aboard Lukas Van De Kievitsdriesen.

Alison Barton finished second in the 66-strong medium 1.40m speed on Saphir, the Salito 14-year-old 2.41 sec behind the winner. Charlie Jones steered Dexter into fourth just ahead of Jessica Hewitt on Chilli and Robert Bevis with Kondy in fifth and seventh. A steadier clear put Sally Hopkinson and Gestelle M into 18th.

Ollie Tuff piloted Homemade Danga SW into second in the 59-horse big tour 1.35m speed, the Eldorado VD Zeshoek/Numero Uno eight-year-old 3.54 sec off the pace. Emma Stoker rode Malaga VD Middelstede into fifth with Jane Annett on Cliasira BH and Stuart Neads with Trakadon in 11th and 14th.

Brits posted a one-two in the small 1.15m two-phase with Sophie Holliday leading the way on Westerhofs Limit, the No Limit 17-year-old winning by 0.66 sec over Elloise Smit in second on the 10-year-old Stallone Quainton mare Quainton Sapphire. Lucy Rhodes claimed 11th on Happy Girl with Charlie Jones (Coronado Beach) and Arianna Kuligowski (Coco G 2) jumping steady double clears for 16th and 17th.

Kyle Bedford raced to the top in the 79-entry small 1.05/1.10m speed with an impressive 5.72 sec to spare on the Aldatus Z/Cavalier Royale 13-year-old Princess of Monaco. Ethan Bracken was almost eight sec in arrears for fifth on Lislan Flamenco with Kathryn Fanshawe on Raphaela von Berkenbroeck and Rachel Howell’s Sienna in seventh and eighth. Emma Howell netted 12th aboard Cill Na Habhainn, Ethan took 14th with second ride Order By Post and Anna Rose Beijen was clear for 19th on Fitalis V.

British-based Swede Angelie von Essen eased Cochella into eighth in the 88-horse big tour 1.50m speed, the Cartani 4/Lord 15-year-old finishing more than six sec off the pace. Jodie Hall-McAteer on Salt’N Peppa and Anna Wilks with Undicci returned clears for 14th and 19th.

Kayleigh Watts eased the Quadrillo 13-year-old into third in the medium 1.25/1.30m group 1 speed 1.03 sec behind the winner, The USA’s Julie Welles and Queens Dancer. Richard Barton was in fourth on Je Taime Aredis and Samy Cotton took seventh on Gregor LV. Emma Stoker was fourth in the group 2 1.25/130m on the Emerald seven-year-old Nazarene VD Axelhoeve with Elloise Smit in seventh on Billy Olive and Ellie Guy in 10th aboard Loughnavatta Cedar.

Alice Palmer slotted the Super Trooper De Ness/Wellington nine-year-old Super Charged into third in the 31-horse small 1.25/1.30m speed nine sec off the pace. James Pinkney posted the steadiest clear for eighth on Dante L and Kyle picked up one time fault to take ninth aboard Djunie.

Steady double clears in the 108-strong medium 1.35m two-phase handed Charlie Jones on Crocus La Sillardiere and William Funnell with Billy Jaffa and 14th and 19th.

Lucinda Roche claimed third in the gold 1.40m speed with Izar LB in Oliva Nova, Spain.

Thirty-seven contended this class with British-based Lucinda riding for Ireland and the Crazyhorse of Coco 11-year-old mare a little over two sec behind the pace.

Lucinda guided Heartstring into fifth in the 80-horse gold 1.35m speed, the Cicero Z Van Paemel 10-year-old finishing 4.51 sec off the pace.

Tess Carmichael jumped into sixth place in the 58-strong silver 1.25m table C speed (seconds added for a knockdown) with Bangle SR, the 11-year-old Chin Chin mare finishing 1.77 sec behind the winning time. Jo McGlory rode Flaming Key SR Z into eighth.

Tess also picked up sixth with the Berlin/Kojak 11-year-old Berlin’s Kojak in the 50-entry bronze 1.35m speed 5.49 sec behind the pace. Camilla Bingham was also clear for 11th on Sportsfield Fleurie.

Chloe Winchester claimed third in the 2* 1.45m with Don Corleone 111 Z in Valencia, Spain.

Forty-nine tackled this world ranking two-phase with Chloe and the Der Senaat 111/Ideal De La Loge nine-year-old stallion finishing 1.19 sec behind the winner, France’s Nicolas Deseuzes on Stella Du Preuilly. Amy Inglis opted for a steady double clear with Wishes to take 16th place.

Scott Smith claimed second in the 64-entry 1* 1.30m speed with Firefly VII, the Sir Shutterfly/Criminal Law 12-year-old finishing 0.81 sec behind the winning time.

Jay Buxton jumped into fifth in the 33-strong seven-year-old 1.30m two-phase with Strides Josie (Don VHP Z/Quattro B) almost five sec off the pace. Amy Inglis was fractionally slower for sixth on Applause with Tania Moody in seventh on Nosa JW, Chloe finished 12th on Daigo De La Dhuys, Bethanie Knight slotted Nanadu VD Heffinck and Jay produced the steadiest double clear on second ride Ashdale Legend for 16th.

Abbe Burchmore Eames claimed third in the 77-horse 1* 1.20m two-phase on Booming Blue Z, the Berlin/Carthago Z 12-year-old 0.91 sec behind the pace. Anneliese Aitken rode India into seventh, Bethanie Knight finished ninth on Torino and Olivia Howe was also double clear for 17th aboard Black Label.

Abbe steered Justify (I’m Special De Muze/Stakkato) into seventh in the 36-horse six-year-old 1.20m two-phase 6.34 sec behind the pace. Jay Buxton was also double clear to take 19th on Billy Matador.

Elliott Dowler claimed seventh in the 20-strong five-year-old 1.10m two-phase with Klasse Dream Ryal.K almost six sec off the pace. David Wingrove eased Kingsley Van Den Muggenhoek into ninth and Amy Inglis posted the steadiest of the double clears for 15th aboard Cassius Clay.

Chris Smith secured fourth spot in the 2* 1.30m speed with Sovereign Equestrian’s Gait L in Gent, Belgium.

Sixty-six contended here with Chris and the Zambesi/Germus R nine-year-old finishing 2.28 sec behind the winner. Angie Thompson eased Donna Sion into seventh and Molly Davies provided a clear for 13th with Boogie Woogie.

Angie rode Flint K into eighth in the 74-horse 1* 1.20m two-phase 2.04 sec behind the pace. Kellie Taylor was right behind for ninth on Iowenna with Isabel Saywell 12th aboard Con Chilli and Georgina Round returned a clear to take 15th with Gusto.

A steady clear in the 36-horse 1* 1.10m two-phase handed Kellie and Jupiter N eighth place more than five sec off the pace. Molly was penalty-free for 17th on Kokonut Van De Nethe Z.

Joe Trunkfield led the way in a British top three in the seven-year-old on John Steels’ Incognito at Peelbergen in Kronenberg, The Netherlands.

Thirty-one started in this 1.35m two-phase with Joe forging ahead to take the top spot by 0.90 sec on the Applaus/Burggraaf stallion. Chantelle Duggan eased Linton De La Chapelle (L’Arc De Triomphe/Clinton) into second and Katie Pytches filled third spot on Newton DB. Joe Trunkfield also picked up sixth on Idaho WP just ahead of Joe Clee with Naima VD Bisschop and John Steels finished 19th on Idwerd.

Joe again had to settle for second in the five-year-old 1.10m/six-year-old 1.20m on Ashley 55 in as many days. Thirty-five contended this two-phase class with Joe and the five-year-old Reno 55/Burggraaf gelding an agonising 0.03 sec behind the winner. Sandy McLean slotted the six-year-old Jazou Fortuna into fourth and Katie Pytches finished fifth with Jitran. Jonathan Dixon rode Jack JL into eighth and Ben Clark was double clear with River Field Cornet Chin for 12th.

Logan Creighton jumped Kanselier – A into second in the 16-entry 1* 1.10m speed, the Zelote VDL/Fantastique 10-year-old finishing 1.01 sec behind the winning time. Paul Gaff claimed fourth on Jonagold with Frankie Middleton in fifth on Caretina II B F Z and Jess Davies posted the steadiest clear to take eighth on ETS Last Chance.

Christina Gachoud finished ninth in the 43-horse 2* 1.35m speed on eight-year-old Be Con Champo almost nine sec behind the pace.

Chloe Lemieux guided Freya into ninth in the 55-strong 1* 1.30m speed on the 10-year-old Freya 5.13 sec behind the winner.

David Brown netted 11th on Americo in the 52-horse 1* 1.20m speed 10 sec off the pace. Logan was also clear for 14th on Invite Me DDH.

Amanda Derbyshire jumped an easy clear in the 69-strong 5* 1.45m speed at WEF in Wellington, USA, to take 12th on Oasis Spirit 5.73 sec behind the winner, Ireland’s Bertram Allen on Lafayette Van Overis.

In Gothenburg, Sweden, Louise Saywell jumped a steady clear to finish 10th in the 25-strong 5* 1.45m speed on Sharp Image more than six sec behind the winner, Portugal’s Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida on Kafka V Heffinck. Fuor faults dropped Robert Whitaker and Cirrus down to 16th.

In Royan, France, Kirstie Leightley claimed two of the top 10 places in the 44-strong 1.35m two-phase, finishing third on Sunshine De La Love 0.61 sec behind the pace and 10th with Thais D’La Verrerie.

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