Guy Williams races to a win in Vilamoura

February 14, 2020

Guy Williams raced to the top in the 3* 1.35m with Cupido on the Vilamoura Atlantic tour in Portugal.

A huge entry of 92 contended this two-phase class with Guy and the L’Esprit/No Limit 13-year-old edging ahead to win by 0.53 sec.  Jackson Reed-Stephenson jumped into fourth on Muna Van De Bisschop, David Simpson finished ninth on Carlosspri and Nicole Pavitt was also double clear for 15th on Gisele D’Ecaussines.

Laura Mantel was also a winner, holding off all 103 rivals in the 3* 1.20m speed to win by 1.11 sec on the Billy Mexico/Flagmount King eight-year-old mare Tesio P.  Charlene Bastone steered the Quicksilber 11-year-old Misty Blue into third and Lily Attwood claimed fifth with Hanniemo G.  George Whitaker finished 10th on Hopscotch, Lila Bremner rode Cocktail D’Azur into 13th while steadier clears from Annabel Lomas (Vraiecocotte Berence), Barry Doe (Pan AM) and Perdi Digby (Trezanti) also jumped clear for 22nd, 23rd and 24th.

Brits claimed the top two places in the 54-strong 1* 1.10m speed led by Alice Godfrey on Bugac Donat, the Doliart/Gambler 19-year-old winning by 2.50 sec.  Honor Draycott slotted the Lux Z/Clover Hill 13-year-old Lux De Lux into second with Lisa Hales in seventh on SFS Arla.  Michaela Wood claimed 10th on Lingala just ahead of Victoria Kuligowski with Hot Blue in 11th and Nicole Pavitt finished 15th on Xena 16.  Francesca Draycott finished 17th on Fernhill Fair Cruise and Annabelle Brown (Felicio) and Noora von Bulow (Second Chance) also returned clears for 19th and 20th.

In a repeat of the 1.40m results 24 hours earlier, Laura Renwick claimed second in the 3* 1.40m with Teza Englefield’s Anvils Every Little Helps.  A total of 71 tackled this speed track with Laura and the 12-year-old Astral daughter slotting into the runner-up position 1.24 sec behind the winner, France’s Mathieu Billot on Lagavulin 2.  The Brits were bunched together with Louise Whitaker easing Brendon Stud’s home-bred Warrior/Caretino Glory 10-year-old Special Warrior into third just 0.01 sec ahead of Lily Attwood in fourth on the 10-year-old Calvaro’s Up To Date.  Laura Mantel rode Whitesparke Pepper into fifth with John Whitaker and Sharid in seventh.  Josie Symons took 11th on Duffy II and a steadier clear by Louise Simpson on Donna Pascale filled 19th place.

John Whitaker guided Unick Du Francport into third in the 51-strong 3* 1.45m, the Zandor/Helios De La Cour II 12-year-old posting another clear in the 12-horse jump-off to finish 2.63 sec behind the winner, Ireland’s Mikey Pender on HHS Javas Gucci.  Four faults dropped Beth Vernon and Kwantos Van Het Meierhof into seventh.


An expensive rail cost Harry Charles and Exexel victory in the 2* 1.40m on the Spanish sunshine tour in Vejer de la Frontera. 

The 88 starters faced a tough track and only five managed to post clears to access the jump-off.  And only one double clear was produced to hand Switzerland’s Martina Meroni on Rock De Vains.  One pole fell to put Harry and the Dexter R/Rubert R eight-year-old into second and while Matt Sampson also jumped a round one clear, he opted to withdraw Cristo Beech from the jump-off to take fourth.  Nine riders came home on one time fault in the first round to be denied a jump-off chance, Harry and second ride Valkiry De Zance taking sixth while Jodie Hall-McAteer claimed 12th on Mademoiselle-A.

Kayleigh Watts doubled up, winning both 1.35m and 1.20m classes.

Kayleigh topped the 59-strong medium 1.35m two-phase with the Elvis Ter Putte eight-year-old Melvin VD Bisschop, flying to win by 1.01 sec.  Alice Watson rode the Cevin Z 15-year-old Billy Lemon into third and Miles Pearson took sixth on Handsome and Joe Clayton claimed ninth and 13th with Chacco’s Lady 2 and Extasy.

And Kayleigh claimed the small 1.20m accumulator with 1.72 sec to spare on the Arko/Nonstop eight-year-old Arko’s Girl Z.  It was a British top three as Adam Taylor filled second on the eight-year-old Annabel Z and Alice Watson brought the nine-year-old Gift of Mr Blue into third.  Katie Rocher-Smith took sixth on McQueen with Evie Maslen ninth aboard Pharrell, Sally Hopkinson was 13th on Monte Carlos and Ellie Guy also came home on a maximum score for 18th on Martells Hocus Pocus II.

Anna Wilks jumped into victory in the small 1.30m speed on French Kiss, the Amadeus/Calvino 10-year-old winning with 0.78 sec in hand.  Steady rounds from Jane Annett on Cliasira BH, Tim Gredley’s Be Cool Harry and Joe on Chili finished 14th, 17th and 18th in the 48-horse class.

Kyle Bedford galloped ahead in the 38-strong small 1.10m speed to win by 1.64 sec on the Aldatus Z 13-year-old Princess Monaco.  Steadier clears from Ellie Guy on Rocky Balboa and Lucy Rhodes with Happy Girl earned 13th and 14th.

Adam Taylor claimed three of the top four places in the 18-horse five-year-old 1.10m two-phase but failed to catch the winning time by 0.34 sec.  He finished second on Kwikzilver W (Dakar VDL/Burggraaf), third with Obos Elite (Obos Quality/Cruising) and fourth aboard Kirocco (Zirocco Blue VDL/Calido).

Megan James opted for accuracy in the 35-entry seven-year-old 1.30m speed to take ninth on Inwood more than 12 sec off the pace.  Jane Annett finished 11th on Impala with Joe Clayton aboard Ladycastle Diego and Megan on second ride Funisa BH also clear for 14th and 17th.

Megan was also clear in the 49-strong six-year-old 1.20m speed for 11th on Billy Seymour and picked up 17th on second ride Jamaica EBH.  Tom Monaghan was 14th on J Pop Idol and Jane was clear on Billy Lincoln and Jywan for 18th and 20th.


Emily Moffitt jumped a great double clear to take fourth in the 5* grand prix qualifier at Palm Beach Masters, USA, with Tipsy Du Terrall.

Twelve of the 38 starters posted first round clears but only nine opted to jump-off with Emily and the Toulon 13-year-old mare jumping another clear to finish just over two sec behind the winner, Switzerland’s Beat Mandli on Vic De Cerisiers.  Billy Twomey on Lady Lou and Alexandra Thornton with HHS Figero came home on four in the first round to finish 15th and 17th.

Alexandra eased Charielle into sixth in the 43-strong 1.45m speed, the 14-year-old Chacco-Blue mare finishing three sec off the pace.  Amanda Derbyshire on Luibanta BH and Billy Twomey with Kimba Flamenco returned on one time fault for 15th and 16th.

Blythe Masters finished 10th in the 11-horse decider of the 2* 1.30m on Eriana.     


Scott Smith claimed victory in the 1* 1.30m speed, holding off the challenges of all 55 rivals to win by 2.69 sec on the Sir Shutterfly/Criminal Law 12-year-old Firefly VII in Valencia, Spain. 

Karl Robins eased G Camille HBF into fifth in the 2* 1.45m.  Forty-one riders contended this world ranking two-phase with Karl and the VDL Zirocco Blue nine-ear-old mare jumping a double clear to finish 1.53 sec behind the winner, France’s Nicolas Deseuzes on Stella De Preuilly. 

Chris Franks jumped an easy clear almost 10 sec off the pace for ninth in the 436-horse 2* 1.30m speed on VC Vie De Valencio.

Jemma Kirk returned three double clears in the 40-horse seven-year-old 1.30m two-phase for fifth on Billy Ballybeg and ninth and 10th aboard Diamonds Are Unique and Diaradzo De L’Abbaye.

Graham Babes and the consistent Monks I Am Casall (I’m Special De Muze/Casall) proved penalty-free in the 26-strong six-year-old two-phase for fifth spot 2.39 sec off the winning time.  Abbe Burchmore Eames (Justify), Jay Buxton (Billy Matador) and Karl Robins (Jenson WFS) were also double clear for ninth, 13th and 14th while four faults dropped Elliott Dowler and Jelly-Bean to 15th.

Abbe guided Booming Blue Z into seventh in the 49-strong 1* 1.10m speed 7.78 sec off the pace.  Riley Hayward slipped Wizz Pop into ninth and Jemima Finlay was also clear to finish 13th on Portland Flight.


Joe Trunkfield claimed a victory double in the age classes in Lier, Belgium, taking both seven and five and six-year-old classes.

Thirty-five took part in the seven-year-old speed with Joe jumping into the winner’s spot on I Luna L (Starpower/Canturano) by 0.22 sec.  Thursday’s winner Angie Thompson clinched third this time out with Donna Sion (Don Diarado/Sion) and Katie Pytches was sixth with Newton DB.

Brits filled the top three places in the five and six-year-old speed with Joe leading the way.  Forty tackled this class with Joe on the Reno 55/Burggraaf five-year-old Ashley 55 claiming the top spot by an impressive 2.68 sec.  Francis Whittington rode the six-year-old Quidam’s Rubin Sohn (Quidam’s Rubin/Valentino) into second and Zoe Potter guided the Mylord Carthago six-year-old My Lady into third.  Kellie Taylor finished ninth on Jupiter N and Molly Davies also returned a clear for 17th on Kokonut Van De Nethe Z.

Angie and Zoe Potter were neck and neck in the 2* 1.40m two-phase and had to settle for equal second when they crossed the finish line at exactly the same time.  A big entry of 99 contended this two-phase class with Zoe on the Eurocommerce Washington/Amethist eight-year-old and Angie aboard the Numero Uno 14-year-old Bayard IV finishing 1.13 sec behind the winner.  Joe Fernyhough was also double clear on Calcourt Quicktime to take eighth place.

Francis Whittington secured fourth 0.80 sec behind the winner and 10th in the 57-entry 1.20m two-phase with the Nintender 12-year-old Nimrod II and 11-year-old Evento. 

Poppy Deakin returned a double clear in the 31-horse 1* 1.10m two-phase to take eighth on the Calvaro Z 11-year-old Cita P Z.  Four faults in the second phase dropped Sophie Taylor and Mill River down to 11th while Sophie Wallace (Countess II) and Joe (Iejoor) also came home on four to take 14th and 16th.


In Oliva Nova, Spain, Mackenzie Ray jumped into third in the gold 1.35m speed with Valse De Boguin, the 11-year-old Diamant De Semilly daughter finishing 4.02 sec behind the winner.  Lucinda Roche was slightly slower for fourth on the 11-year-old Izar LB.

Jo McGlory claimed two of the top six places in the 73-entry silver 1.25m two-phase, slotting Calimera into fourth 1.93 sec off the pace and claiming sixth on Flaming Key SR Z. 

A steady clear in the 24-horse bronze 1.35m speed put Ashley Ray and Apart P into ninth more than eight sec off the pace.

Naomi Maxted-Massey posted an easy clear in the 59-strong bronze 1.10m speed to take fifth on MM Cute Contender almost seven sec behind the pace. 


Text and Photos © Jumping Around/Vilamoura Atlantic tour & One Shot/Palm Beach Masters

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