Emily Moffitt claims a second win at the Palm Beach Masters

Less than 24 hours after taking home the top honours in the 4* $36,600 Suncast Welcome Stakes, Emily Moffitt and Tipsy du Terral led a second straight victory gallop.

This time, they won the $36,600 NetJets Speed Challenge, topping a field of 28 international entries with 0.99 sec in hand

“Yesterday, I mentioned that everything came up perfectly, and I guess today, the same happened—I would even say better,” said Emily.

Jumping in the first half of the order, Moffitt and the 13-year-old Toulon daughter were able to maintain their lead through 17 rounds. And with a comfortable margin of victory of nearly a second, the 21-year-old attributed the win to stride and smoothness.

“The course was obviously quite suited to me and Tipsy,” added Emily. “I started with a good pace and kept it the whole way around. Everything showed up nicely and I never had to take a pull. That’s why we were so quick.  She has a monster stride, so I just went for it.” 

Emily has a weekend of rest planned for her horse.

“She’s been great so we’re actually going to take her home,” she said. “She’s been so good. We’re going to give her a nice reward, take her home early and let her have lots of carrots!"

Amanda Derbyshire was five sec in arrears with Lady Maria BH to take fifth place.

Alexandra Thornton slotted the Chacco-Blue 14-year-old Charielle into fourth in the 12-strong jump-off of the 2* 1.45m Hampton Classic almost four sec behind the winner.  Four faults dropped Thursday's winner Flo Norris and Lorielle down to ninth. 

Billy Twomey claimed a place in the 10-horse decider of the 4* Turkish Airlines Classic over  1.50m track with Kim Barzilay’s Kimba Flamenco but four faults second time out dropped the pair down to ninth. 

Blythe Masters claimed victory in the 33-strong 2* Bainbridge Classic 1.20m speed with 2.67 sec in hand on the 12-year-old Damn Smooth (Luidam/Diamond Lad).


Four faults in the 11-horse decider of the 45-strong FEI M&S Great American $214,000 4* grand prix at WEF, Wellington, USA, dropped Amanda Derbyshire and Luibanta BH into sixth place.

THe USA's Kent Farrington took the win with Creedance by half a sec.


Text © Jumping Around/Photo © Kathy Russell/Palm Beach Masters press release

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