Steven Franks claims a win in Spain

January 25, 2020

Steven Franks was in the money all day in Valencia, Spain, and recorded one win.

He raced to the top in the 2* 1.30m speed with Rumbolds Warriors Echo.  Nineteen started in this class with Steven and the 11-year-old Warrior/Corland mare outpacing all to win with 0.68 sec in hand.  Steven was just 0.06 sec away from his own time on second ride Billy Ginger but four faults dropped them from second to 13th.

Abdul Aziz stepped up to the plate for Steven in the 25-entry 2* 1.40m and jumped the steadiest of the double clears in the seven-horse jump-off to take fourth 1.51 sec behind the winner, Belgium’s Cyril Cools on Guitlermo. 

Steven jumped a double clear in the six-year-old 1.25m for fourth with Billy Clairet (Billy Um Bongo/Cevin Z) more than three sec off the winning time.  Simon Buckley reached the seven-strong jump-off with Fair Chance but four faults put them in seventh.

Simon posted a double clear in the five-year-old 1.15m to pick up fourth on Billy Be Merry (Billy Congo/Kannan) 1.70 sec behind the pace.


Ben Bick jumped to the top in the 1* 1.30m with Marieke VDR in Peelbergen, Kronenberg, The Netherlands. 

A big entry of 94 tackled this speed class with Ben easily outpacing all on the eight-year-old Horion De Libersart/Drossan mare to win by 2.22 sec.  Louise Saywell slotted the Chicago Z 15-year-old Feigtling into third and Alena Hughes guided Grannuschka into fifth.  Georgia Tame claimed 10th on Cordouan Fontanel just ahead on Tom Whitaker’s Imagine H in 11th, Graham Lovegrove was 15th on Elgrando PS and Charlene Bastone was also clear aboard Misty Blue for 20th.

Jessica Hewitt and the impressive, big-jumping Chilli returned a double clear in the 2* 1.40/1.45m medium tour final to take fourth.  The 56 starters were reduced to 19 for the jump-off with Jessica and the Colestus/Colorit eight-year-old mare crossing the line 1.15 sec behind the winner, Sweden’s Malin Parmler on T-Gavoli Z.  Four faults dropped Chloe Winchester and Don Corleone 111 Z down to 11th.

Katinka Brogaard eased Hulapalu into ninth in the 75-strong 2* 1.35m speed 6.36 sec off the pace.  Alena was right behind for 10th on C’Mon Girl 2 and Nick Benterman was also clear for 19th on Chaccarino.

Alena was the fastest of the 17-horse decider of the 1* 1.20m by almost two sec but four faults dropped Rainbow from certain victory to 12th.  Eight faults put Vicky Lovegrove and Centolove into 17th.

Mimi Tarantelli steered Four Roses CMS into second in the 1.10m 10-horse decider, the 10-year-old Ukato mare finishing 0.48 sec behind the winner. 

Katie Speller was 0.36 sec behind the pace in the 11-strong jump-off of the five-year-old 1.15/six-year-old 1.25m to take second on the six-year-old Darco stallion Z7 Dubai Castlefield.  Tom on Pepper D’Or and Nick with Jelsina HX provided double clears for sixth and seventh and Jessica Hewitt came home on eight to put Mojito TW into 11th. 

Charlene returned a double clear in the 11-horse decider of the seven-year-old 1.35m to ease Daytona De Vains (Telstar De La Pomme/Quidam De Ravel) into fifth.  Four faults dropped Katinka and Begonda Z down to eighth.  


Holly Smith landed third place in an exciting jump-off to determine the 1.60m grand prix of Amsterdam with the ever-improving Denver.

Eleven from a start-list of 42 reached the jump-off with Holly setting a competitive standard from second draw on the Memphis/Chico’s Boy 12-year-old former eventer who only started jumping at 1.40m level six months ago when Holly took over the ride from eventer Constance Copestake. The pair didn’t opt for every inside option, but their pace kept the challenges at bay until Germany’s Marcus Ehning – already a winner at this show with A La Carte NRW – entered the ring.

In his usual smooth unassuming but deadly effective style, Marcus executed an inside turn from one to two no-one else attempted and was in front from the off, the handsome 12-year-old stallion wiping 1.37 sec off Holly’s time with a flourishing gallop to the final fence.

But victory was not his as known speedster Julien Epaillard for France threw his all into the jump-off on Toupie De La Roque and his breath-taking efforts has the crowd on their feet as he swept through the timing heads with 0.11 sec to spare.

Four faults in round one of the 1.45m denied Alex Gill a chance in the nine-horse jump-off and put Goldenstar into 10th.


Chad Fellows provided two clean rounds to take fourth in the FEI world cup Arab league incorporated in the Al Shira’aa grand prix in Abu Dhabi with Vinci De Beaufour.

Forty-six came forward with 12 going forward to round two, seven clears joined by four on one time fault – including Britain’s William Funnell – and the fastest of the four-faulters.  But those producing double clears led the way, Chad providing the steadiest of these with the Diamant De Semilly/Heartbreaker 11-year-old 1.08 sec behind the winner, Germany’s Christian Ahlmann on Solid Gold Z. 

William and Billy Diamo collected four faults second time out to finish on a total of five and in 11th place.  Shane Breen and Ipswich Van De Wolfsakker made one mistake in round one to finish 15th.

William posted an initial clear in the 4* 1.45m but retired Billy McCain in the jump-off to take 11th.

Shane picked up fourth in the seven-year-old final with Z7 Regal Don, posting a double clear in the eight-horse decider to finish 0.71 sec behind the winner.  Clear and eight put Sam Hutton and Duva into eighth.

Jack Ryan slotted Breen Equestrian’s Elmira Mail (Utrillo Z/Flyinge Quite Easy) into second in the five-strong jump-off of the six-year-old final 0.40 sec off the pace.


Emily Llewellyn eased Mr Bullseye into second in the gold 1.30m in Oliva Nova, Spain. 

Twenty-three tackled this speed class with Emily and the nine-year-old Widny-sired stallion finishing 0.54 sec behind the winner, Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmerman on Cellagon Flipper.  Christina Gachoud claimed sixth on Be Con Champo and Skye Higgin was also clear for eighth on Gotcha. 

Kayleigh Watts topped the 49-strong bronze 1.20m two-phase with Arko’s Girl Z, the Arko/Nonstop eight-year-old forging ahead to take the win by 0.77 sec.  Anna Wilks took third on the Amadeus 10-year-old French Kiss with Domenique Bonelli on New Blue and Amelie Gachoud with Evito in seventh and ninth while Anna was also clear on second ride Babalou VK for 19th.

Kayleigh almost made it a double in the silver grand prix but had to settle for second place on Kilbarron Rue.  The 66 starters were reduced to 16 for the jump-off with Kayleigh and the Gelvin Clover 10-year-old mare slotting into the runner-up spot 0.55 sec behind the winner, Italy’s Lorenzo de Luca on Nuance Bleue VDM Z.  Christina Gachoud was one of six on one time fault to take 19th on Venivici De Beaufour.

Kayleigh guided Be Cool Harry into seventh in the 30-horse bronze 1.30m speed nine sec off the pace.  And Kayleigh claimed third in the 71-entry silver 1.30m speed on Melvin VD Bisschop, the Elvis Ter Putte eight-year-old finishing 1.02 sec behind the winner.  Tim Gredley’s steady clear on Hobalo finished 17th.

Jo McGlory was just 0.07 sec off victory in the 24-horse bronze 1.40m two-phase with the Conthargos 10-year-old Calimera for second place.  Amelie shared fourth place on The Precious One after equalling the time of Kayleigh in fifth on Kimosa Van Het Kritrahof and Luke Barham was also double clear for 13th on Diamathella VG Z.

Four faults in the 22-strong jump-off of the 69-entry world-ranking 1.45m dropped Laura Renwick and Dublin V down to 16th.  Scott Brash on Hello Franklin and Graham Babes with Glencoe also returned on four for 19th and 20th and Tim Gredley came home on eight for 22nd with Ninkie De Vy Z.


In Lier, Belgium, Zoe Potter piloted Jolo Van’t Veller into second in the 17-strong six-year-old two-phase, the Floris/Ovidius mare finishing 0.91 sec behind the pace.

Emma Stoker guided the Connor/Cassini I eight-year-old Eleanor 3 into fourth in the 68-entry 1* 1.30m speed 1.78 sec off the pace.  Spencer Roe was also clear for eighth on Fabulous.

A steady double clear in the 41-horse 2* 1.35m two-phase put Emma and Malaga VS Middelstede into 19th spot.

Claire Salem claimed seventh in the 40-entry 1* 1.20m two-phase with Dakota De Eros 6.79 sec behind the pace.


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