Anthony Condon lands the big class in Oliva Nova with SFS Vincomte

Anthony Condon seized victory in Oliva Nova, Spain, with the talented SFS Vincomte in the top-billed world ranking gold 1.45m.

Sixteen of the 77 starters made their way to the jump-off with Anthony flying to the top on the Hales family’s home-bred Veni Vidi Vici/Magic Darco nine-year-old with 1.62 sec to spare.

Matt Sampson and the Eldorado VD Zeshoek/Berlin eight-year-old settled for the runner-up spot and Jodie Hall-Mcateer filled third place on the Stolzenberg 10-year-old Salt’N Peppa. Chad Fellows posted the steadiest of the double clears for fifth on Vinci De Beaufour while four faults dropped Sienna Charles on Chinta Geluut Z, Kayleigh Watts with Ninkie De Vy Z and Joe Davison’s Cirrus to eighth, 10th and 11th. Emily Llewellyn’s foot-perfect round in the first round on Sue Evans’ Sieco was marred by one time fault and they finished 18th.

Matt topped the 17-strong gold 1.30m speed with the nine-year-old Centos Girl (Cento/con Capitol) with almost five sec to spare over Remy Ellis in second aboard the Mylord Carthago eight-year-old Good Friends. Ruby Fryer slotted Hallmark into fourth with Scarlett Charles on Courege Du Gibet and Max Routledge riding Mr Bullseye in fifth and sixth, both returning one time fault each.

Stevie Jenkins dominated the bronze 1.30m speed with the top two places. Sixty-five competitors contended this class with Stevie storming to victory on the Vleut/Furioso II 10-year-old Vivamunde Z and taking second aboard the nine-year-old Marlvaro (Calvaro Z/Ekstein), 1.26 sec separating the two. Brits filled the top five places here with Ellie Hall-McAteer 0.46 sec in arrears for third on the Chatman nine-year-old Kimosa Van Het Kritrahof while Jasmin Head’s Gandi and Sophie Stockdale on Grauffs Clear round claimed fourth and fifth. Emma Holmes (Hopeful) and Catherine Haurie-Moss (confident of Victory) jumped steadier clears for 14th and 20th.

Faye Adams steered Demograaf into second in the 63-entry gold 1.35m two-phase, the Quasimodo Z/Serville 11-year-old finishing 0.39 sec behind the pace. Jamie Wingrove rode into fifth on the Sam R/Epilot nine-year-old Flow and Robert Bevis jumped into 11th on Kondy. William Funnell (Billy Ring) and Olivia Poole (Quality) also provided clears for 13th and 15th.

Stacey Willsone recorded victory in the 45-entry bronze 1.10m speed with 2.34 sec to spare on the Lucca 16-year-old Alsager. Drew Coogan slotted the six-year-old Isadora WK into third with Imogen Beecroft in sixth on Chablis ET and Isabella Beecroft-Luckett was also clear for 15th on Dahar.

Jo McGlory netted second in the 39-horse bronze 1.40m two-phase on the Kannan/Darco 12-year-old Triomphe Kervac 1.80 sec behind the winner. Bethany Bould cantered into fifth on the nine-year-old Kinsale Flamenco while four faults in the second phase dropped Jasmin Head on Ma Cherie Z and Ellie Hall-McAteer with Unex Arantos to 10th and 11th.

Jo eased the eight-year-old Flaming Key SR Z into fifth in the 57-strong silver 1.30m speed 4.63 sec off the pace. Abbe Burchmore Eames claimed eighth on Booming Blue Z just ahead of Pippa Funnell’s Billy Sarafina while Joe Davison (Venezia) and William Funnell (Billy Jaffa) jumped steadier clears to take 11th and 14th.

Pippa Funnell rode Billy Spiral into third in the silver grand prix over a 1.40m track. Only eight of the 53 starters reached the jump-off with Pippa providing another clear on the Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve/Billy Mexico seven-year-old 5.09 sec off the pace. Scarlett Charles guided Greenacres Diadoro into fourth while Jess Dimmock had to settle for ninth on Haitske after one time fault denied her a jump-off chance.

Lisa Hales secured fifth spot in the 59-horse bronze 1.20m two-phase on SFS Arla, the home-bred Arko/Voltaire 10-year-old mare 4.53 sec behind the winner. Ellie Guy jumped into 13th on Martells Hocus Pocus II, Bethany Curtis slotted Fae Singapore into 15th and Stacey was also double clear on Newton Nickel to take 16th.

Laura Renwick seized victory in the 3* 1.30m speed on her home-bred Maverick in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Thirty-nine contended this class with Laura and the Diamant De Semilly/Heartbreaker seven-year-old flying into the top spot by 0.48 sec. Charlene Bastone jumped into third on Domar Van De Neerheide with Victoria Hewson close behind for fourth on Zenas Flight. Amelia Milne was in sixth with Kung Fu Van’t Heike and Graham Gillespie was also clear on Con Stakkara PS to take eighth place.

Chloe Aston had to settle for second in the 3* 1.40m with Amigo T. The 68 starters were reduced to 13 for the jump-off with Chloe slotting the Padinus 14-year-old into the runner-up spot just 0.18 sec behind the winner, the on-form Irishman Mikey Pender with HHS Fortune. Louise Simpson eased the CS Online nine-year-old Felix X into third with four faults dropping David Simpson into 11th on Jenson 55 and Holly Smith finished 12th aboard Dakota. Douglas Duffin (Linares G) and Charlene Bastone were denied a jump-off chance with one time fault apiece in the first round and finished 14th and 16th.

Douglas steered the nine-year-old Clinton mare Fan into third in the 36-entry 3* 1.35m two-phase more than two sec off the pace. Nicole Lockhead Anderson finished fifth on Flipper Darco UK Z and Jordan Thompson posted a double clear for ninth aboard Lankas.

Jasmin Cain scored her second win in 24 hours with Fihilithya, the V Alba 69/Guidam nine-year-old mare flying into the top spot of the 20-entry 1* 1.10m speed by a handsome 8.30 sec. Lydia Campbell-Begg was also clear to take fourth on the Diamond Roller 11-year-old Clonterm Roler.

Amy Ogilvy settled for second in the 18-horse 3* 1.20m two-phase on Leandro V/D Eikelboscherheide, the Arko/Darco eight-year-old finishing just 0.30 sec behind the winning time. Douglas guided For You I into fourth and four faults in the second phase dropped Jack Nicklin’s Shiraz II into ninth just ahead of Olivia Gillespie’s Carracasca B in 10th.

In Valencia, Spain, Izzi Ryder settled for second in the 20-horse 2* 1.30m speed on In The Mood VHK, the Winningmood/Lys De Darmen 11-year-old finishing 2.54 sec off the pace. Poppy Stronge eased the Unaniem 12-year-old Cheek into fourth.

Lauren Edwards finished fourth in the 24-horse 1* 1.30m two-phase on the Kannan/Grandilot eight-year-old mare Kesara 1.76 sec behind the pace. Joanne Whitaker was also double clear on the Argento/Chellano seven-year-old Arge for ninth.

David McPherson guided Jordi-Zavall into sixth in the 34-horse five-year-old 1.15m/six-year-old 1.25m, the Zavall VDL/Chin Chin five-year-old finishing more than five sec off the pace. Will Edwards provided the steadiest of the double clears for sixth on the five-year-old Edena Mouche and four faults in the 15-horse jump-off put Louise Whitaker and the five-year-old Ar La – Mars into 11th.

Joanne Whitaker produced a double clear on the seven-year-old Voss daughter Its Popcorn to take fifth in the 11-horse decider of the 1* 1.25m.

Four faults in the 11-horse jump-off of the 37-strong 2* 1.40m dropped Olli Fletcher and Webbswood True Blue into 10th place. David picked up one time fault in round one to take 12th on Kurly V’D Gorten.

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