Ava Vernon claims a victory double in Vilamoura

November 9, 2019

A winner 24 hours earlier, Ava Vernon continued with her successful run and notched up a double of wins in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Ava claimed two of the top four places in the 3* 1.30m two-phase, winning with Jolie Fleur Van de Noordheuvel, a ride she took over from Katie Pytches just a few weeks ago. 

A good entry of 65 contended this class with Ava forging ahead on the Cassini II/Dollar Dela Pierre 10-year-old mare to win by 0.72 sec.  And Ava also filled fourth spot on the VDL Glasgow VH Merelsnest eight-year-old Geronimo PC Z.  James Smith rode Elmo Brown into 11th and steadier clears from Graham Gillespie on Con Stakkara CS and Douglas Duffin with CES Wicked Contender filled 15th and 16th.

Ava also topped the 21-entry 3* 1.20m with Here I’m B, flying into the top spot by an impressive seven sec on the Nassau/Elton seven-year-old.  Douglas made it a British one-two with second spot on the eight-year-old For Fashion daughter For You I.     

Victor in several big classes over this six-week show, Holly Smith had to concede to second place by a tiny fraction in the 76-strong 1.45m with Denver.  Only nine reached the jump-off with Holly and the Memphis/Chico’s Boy 11-year-old finishing just 0.09 sec behind the winner, Ireland’s Mikey Pender on Casanova Van Overis Z, an 11-year-old produced in Britain by Lauren and Mark Williams.

Louise Simpson posted the steadiest of the double clears on Graham Gillespie’s Calvaro FC nine-year-old Calvaro’s Up To Date to take fourth.

Holly and Louise also featured in the 54-horse 1.40m speed, Holly guiding the Denver V seven-year-old Dakota into third more than four sec behind the pace.  Louise followed closely behind for fourth on the CS Online nine-year-old Felix X.  Douglas was also clear for seventh on Quidam B Z and four faults dropped Graham Gillespie and Gurtera Cara Dubh down to 17th.


Jasmine Cain claimed victory in the 25-strong 1* 1.10m speed with Fihilithya, the V Alba 69/Guidam nine-year-old winning with 4.45 sec in hand.  Deborah Jackson posted the steadiest of the clears to take 11th on RR Vitality.




Alena Hughes jumped to the top in the 1* 1.20m with Rainbow in Opglabbeek, Belgium. 

Forty-eight competitors tackled this speed class with Alena outpacing the lot and taking the class on the Cato Z/Pouchka III 15-year-old more than three sec.  Barry Dove jumped easy clears on Germates and Pan Am for 10th and 17th.

Joe Clayton claimed third in the 77-entry world ranking 3* 1.50m on Like A Diamond Van Het Schaeck.  Twenty-five jumped initial clears but only 21 opted to come forward to the jump-off with Joe slotting the eight-year-old Diamant De Semilly mare into third 0.33 sec behind the winner, Belgium’s Bunoit Moeskops on Damore VH Haneweehof Z.  British-based Irishman Peter Moloney eased Ornellaia into fourth.

Peter eased the 11-year-old Careful daughter Steyburn into sixth in the 75-strong 3* 1.40m two-phase section A 2.49 sec behind the winner.  Joe rode My Way B & V into ninth, Allana Clutterbuck finished 11th aboard Urlevent Du Bary and Jess Mendoza was also double clear with Diamants Aurora to take 18th place.

Emma Stoker contended the 74-horse 1.40m section B and finished 11th with a double clear on Happynes.

Steady clears from Emma Stoker on Nazarine VD Axelhoeve and Jessica Mendoza’s I-Cap CI Z earned 13th and 14th in the 61-horse 1* 1.30m speed.


Lauren Edwards guided Kesara into second in the 1* 1.20m two-phase in Valencia, Spain. 

Twenty-one contended this class with Lauren and the Kannan/Grandilot eight-year-old mare finishing 1.66 sec behind the winner. 

Will Fletcher finished seventh in the 37-horse 2* 1.30m two-phase on Drewmain Cedric 6.69 sec off the pace.  David McPherson returned a steady double clear for 10th on Carl-Heinz B.

Louise Whitaker posted double clears in the 32-strong five-year-old 1.10m/six-year-old 1.20m to take fifth and seventh on Ivan (Namelus R/Damiro) and Ar La Mard (Argento/Landjunge) – and sandwiched David McPherson into sixth on Jordi-Zavall (Zavall VDL/Chin Chin).

Four faults in the second phase of the 15-horse seven-year-old 1.30m dropped Georgia Tame on Cordouan Fontanel and John Whitaker’s Storm into eighth and 11th.

Faults in the jump-off of the 64-horse world ranking 2* 1.45m dropped Brits down the line.  Will Edwards on SHW Candies B and Louise Whitaker with Special Warrior made just one mistake each for seventh and eight and John Whitaker’s Sharid came home with two rails down for ninth in the 10-strong decider.

Joanne Whitaker returned on one time fault in the 23-entry 1* 1.30m speed with Its Popcorn for ninth.  Poppy Stronge finished on two time faults to take 14th with Baskin Lady Lux.


In Oliva Nova, Spain, William Funnell jumped to the top in the 64-horse gold 1.35m speed on Billy Ring, the nine-year-old Billy Congo/Kannan mare winning by 0.66 sec.  Christina Gachoud rode Empire Van Wuitenshof into sixth just ahead of Joe Davison in seventh on CSF Olympic Lady and Remy Ellis was clear on Good Friends to take 12th spot.

William was best Brit in the world ranking gold 1.45m two-phase on Billy McCain, the Cevin Z/Cruising 11-year-old finishing in fourth 2.12 sec behind the winner, France’s Charles Henri Ferme on Bellini Defaure De L.  Max Routledge was two tenths of a sec behind for fifth on Ebriolita with Kayleigh Watts in sixth aboard Ninkie De Vy Z and Chad Fellows took seventh with Eindhoven GH.  Sienna Charles slotted Chicago’s Boy into 11th while steadier double clears handed Faye Adams on Jackpot VI and Jay Buxton with High Offley  Arturos Catch 16th and 17th places.



British-based Irishman Michael Duffy topped the silver 1.40m two-phase with the Berlin 10-year-old Evito, holding off the challenges of all 57 rivals to win by 1.59 sec.  Jess Dimmock guided Haitske into 12th and Sienna Charles was also double clear for Gismo De Pravia to take 19th.




Ronnie Jones led a British one-two in the 54-strong silver 1.25m table C speed on Premier Diamond, the Hold Up Premier/White Clover 10-year-old mare topping the 54-horse class by 0.97 sec.  Abbe Burchmore Eames steered the Lupicor 12-year-old Casti Aneira into second and picked up seventh on Booming Blue Z.  Emily Llewellyn galloped round on Denver V but added eight sec on the way to finish 11th with Jo McGlory on Flaming Key SR Z and Pippa Funnell aboard Billy Sarafina taking 13th and 14th.

Ellie Hall-McAteer claimed second in the 34-entry bronze 1.35m speed with the Concorde 14-year-old Unex Arantos 1.06 sec off the winning time.  Jo McGlory was close on her heels for third with the Kannan 12-year-old Triomphe Kervac and Victoria Garfield Bennett eased Brandon into sixth just ahead of seventh-placed Bethany Bould on Kinsale Flamenco.  Emma Holmes was 10th with a steady clear on Quincy 151 and four faults dropped Stevie Jenkins on Vivamunde Z and Jasmin Head’s Ma Cherie Z to 13th and 14th.

Ellie again had to settle for second in the 80-entry bronze 1.20m speed, the nine-year-old Chatman daughter Kimosa Van Het Kritrahof finishing 1.22 sec behind the pace.  The Army’s LCpl Holly Hall took seventh on WKD San Remo, Sophie Stockdale finished ninth aboard Hella while Jake Ward eased Croklund into 12th and Charlotte Moore took 16th on Kilcoltrim Perfect In Pink.

Sophie Stockdale eased Grauffs Clear Round into second in the 56-horse bronze 1.30m speed just 0.40 sec off the pace.  Jasmin claimed third on the Andiamo eight-year-old Gandi with Drew Coogan close behind for fourth on Bachelor K and a steady clear from Laura Johnson put Euphoria HST into 12th.

Drew Coogan slotted Isadora WK into second in the 50-strong bronze 1.10m speed, the six-year-old mare winning with more than five sec to hand.  A steadier clear from Isabella Beecroft-Luckett on Vanda Cartier earned 15th place.

Anthony Condon guided SFS Vincomte into seventh in the gold 1.40m speed more than 11 sec off the pace.  Robert Bevis posted the steadiest of the clears to take 11th place on Kondy while Harry Charles picked up one time fault for 13th on Utrillo Du Roumois.


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