Steven Franks takes victory in Oliva Nova

October 20, 2019

Steven Franks claimed victory in the gold 1.30m speed with Billy Ginger in Oliva Nova, Spain. 

Steven held back all 33 challengers to win on the Billy Congo/Gladstone 13-year-old mare by 0.28 sec.  James Davenport with Diva H and Flo Norris on Con Pleasure 5 were also penalty-free to take ninth and 10th.


Kayleigh Watts jumped into third in the gold 1.40m speed with Kilbarron Rue.  Fifty-three contended this class with Kayleigh and the Gelvin Clover nine-year-old mare almost five sec behind the pace.  British-based Irishman Eoin Gallagher slotted the nine-year-old Cornet Obolensky stallion Flugel M into third and Steven Franks finished fifth aboard the 15-year-old Abdul Aziz.


One time fault in the top-billed 58-entry world ranking 1.50m grand prix denied Eoin a jump-off chance with Di Caprio and they finished eighth.  Ashlee Harrison (Charity 41), Joe Davison (Cirrus) and Emily Moffitt (Tipsy Du Terral) came home on four faults apiece for 11th, 15th and 17th.

Emma Holmes topped the 58-entry bronze 1.30m speed with the Quasimodo Z/Caretano Z 13-year-old Quincy 151 with 0.34 sec in hand.  Anneliese Aitken was less than half a sec in arrears for third on Eagele Z while Jo McGlory on Calimera and Jasmin Head aboard Gandi also returned clears for seventh and ninth.

Jasmin eased Ma Cherie Z into eighth in the 38-horse bronze 1.40m final, four faults in the 13-strong jump-off pushing the Montender 11-year-old down the line.  Sophie Garfield-Bennett also lowered a pole to take 10th with Dircona.

Grace Brown jumped to the top in the 48-strong bronze 1.20m speed with the Lancer III/Polydor 14-year-old Lanfre, taking the win with more than three sec in hand.  Jo McGlory guided Simply Classy into eighth with Stacey Willsone in 10th on Varo M and Natasha Somerville-Cotton also produced a clear for 16th on Carnaval Komombo.

Stacey rode Alsager into second in the 31-horse bronze 1.10m, the Lucca/Holland 16-year-old finishing 1.50 sec behind the winner in the 17-strong decider.  Madeleine Kellett came home on clear and four to take 10th with Da Vinci Massuere with Suzy Golding returning similar results to take 13th aboard His Dream.



Robert Whitaker slotted Dekato into third in the 5* 1.50m in Oslo, Norway.  Thirteen of the 35 starters reached the jump-off with Robert and the Upgrade/Stakkato 11-year-old posting another clear to finish 1.10 sec behind the winner, Switzerland’s Pius Schwizer on Balou Rubin R.


James Wilson made his world cup debut and was one of the 39 starters to access the 12-strong jump-off of the Longines FEI World Cup qualifier – the first of 14 of the Western European leg – but four faults second time out dropped Imagine De Muze down to ninth from a possible third place.  Five provided double clears with the win going to Switzerland’s Bryan Balsiger with the fastest time of the lot on Clouzot De Lassus.  Portugal’s Luciana Diniz claimed second 0.40 sec in arrears on Vertigo Du Desert while host country Norway’s Geir Gulliksen netted third on VDL Groep Quatro.



In Vilamoura, Portugal, Chloe Aston rode Dudok L into fourth in the 75-horse 3* 1.35m speed, the Canturano/Calvados 11-year-old finishing 2.50 sec behind the pace.  Douglas Duffin slotted Fan into seventh with Jack Nicklin 11th on Cwiebus KK and Isobel Stenning was also clear for 13th aboard CSF Cancruz.

Arabella Prior steered Friso into second spot in the ladies cup over a 1.25m track.  The 38 starters were reduced to 11 for the jump-off with Arabella and the Azteca VDL/Phin Phin nine-year-old 2.46 sec behind the pace.  Four faults dropped Natasha Hewitt and Hirence into sixth and Annabelle Brown returned a slower four faults for 10th on Lissyegan Luise Royale.

Kerry Grimster jumped into second in the 1* 1.10m speed with Boombastic, the Winningmood 13-year-old finishing 1.31 sec off the pace.  Ethan Bracken was sixth on Lislan Flamenco with William Wherton also returning a clear to take ninth on Abraio D Valdegrallas.  Four faults dropped Ellie Burrell-Squibb with Lislan Picola and Aileen Feeney’s Jessica R down the line to 19th and 20th.

The 3* 1.50m grand prix was a disappointment when only one of the 35 starters provided a clear in the first round forgoing the need for a jump-off as Sweden’s Linda Heed claimed the win on Decurio.  One mistake each put James Smith on Twix De La Roque, Holly Smith with Denver and Chloe Aston’s Flavie Van De Helle on four faults and in seventh, eighth and ninth.


Time faults affected the Brits on the final day in Zwolle, The Netherlands. 

Only five of the 52 starters jumped clear in the 3* 1.55m grand prix with The Netherlands filling the top three places, Remco Been taking the win by 0.51 sec on Holland VD Bisschop from Willem Greve’s Formidable in second and Jur Vrieling aboard Dallas VDL in third.  Jack Whitaker was one of five riders on time faults only for ninth on Elucar VE. 

And Morgan Kent also came home on one time fault in the 1* 1.40m grand prix with new ride Darien II, a Verdi/Larino 11-year-old recently purchased from Sovereign Equestrian and Nicola Barry.  The Netherlands again dominated with Berber Dijkman taking victory on Ferdinand W ahead of three of his fellow countrymen.  James Billington came home on four in round one to take 15th on Hurricane VDL.





Jason Smith reached the 12-strong jump-off of the 1* 1.35m grand prix in Chevenez, Switzerland, but four faults second time out put Kan Fly into sixth.




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