Laura Renwick takes another win in Vilamoura

October 11, 2019

Laura Renwick continued with her winning ways in Vilamoura, Portugal, topping the 3* 1.35m two-phase on MHS Washington.

Fifty-two contended this class but no-one was a match for the speedy Laura as she guided the OBOS Quality/Cavalier Royale 11-year-old into the top spot by 0.99 sec.  James Smith was just over two sec in arrears for fourth on the Kannan 12-year-old Twix De La Roque and Tony Pearson claimed sixth spot on Captain Morgan.

Laura had to settle for third in the 3* 1.45m speed with Dublin V, the Vigaro/Calvados 11-year-old finishing 1.72 sec behind the pace.  James was slightly slower for sixth on Simply Splendid while four faults dropped Chloe Aston and Amigo T from possible victory with almost a sec to spare to 18th.

Chloe Aston eased the nine-year-old Arcadius 6 into second in the 3* 1.40m in a nine-horse decider 1.32 sec behind the winner.

Brits claimed the top two places in the 37-horse 1* 1.10m speed with Angela Eardley leading the way on Forrella TS, the nine-year-old Nonstop/Andiamo mare winning by 1.84 sec.  Olivia Sponer netted sec spot on the Askari 12-year-old Adonis with Kerry Grimster filling fourth place aboard Boombastic.  Ethan Bracken claimed sixth and seventh on Lislan Flamenco and Davos TS with Tracy Cottrell in eighth on Renkum Graziana.

Jack Nicklin jumped into second in the 55-strong 3* 1.20m speed with the 12-year-old Cwiebus KK 0.42 sec off the pace.  Tony Pearson was right behind for third on Amadeus M and Arabella Prior slotted MHS Sanfrancisco into seventh.  Steadier clears from Jack on second ride Shiraz II, Isobel Stenning aboard CSF Kancruz, Arianna Kuligowski with JCR Cartucho and Annabelle Brown’s Lissyegan Luise Royale finished 11th, 13th, 14th and 15th. 


Just one time fault denied Helen Tredwell a clean sheet in the two rounds of the world cup in Rabat, Morocco, and put Galtur into fifth.

Sixty-eight started in this 4* 1.50m class with 15 returning to round two, Helen posting a clean round second time out on Phil Tuckwell’s home-bred Cornet’s Stern/Balou Du Rouet nine-year-old to finish on one fault for fifth behind the double clears.   

Billy Twomey eased Kimba Flamenco into third in the 4* 1.35m speed.  Forty-one contended here with Billy and Kim Barzilay’s home-bred Je T’Aime Flamenco/Heartbreaker 10-year-old finishing 1.56 sec behind the winner, Italy’s Natale Chiaudani and Belly Dancer RS.  Alison Barton claimed fifth on Billy Rembrandt and Jackson Reed-Stephenson was also clear to finish 12th with Cool Cash.

Four faults in the 24-entry 1* 1.30m speed put Helen and New Priory Stud’s Casall seven-year-old Super Nova into 13th place.


Joe Clee claimed second in the world ranking class in Oliva Nova, Spain, with Alzu Ohio.

Seventy-four contended this two-phase 1.45m with Joe and the Optimum VD Wellington 16-year-old in the runner-up position 0.66 sec behind the winner, Belgium’s Constant Van Paesschen with Vendetta Treize. Ben Maher eased Ginger-Blue into ninth with James Davenport in 16th on One Endeavour and Joe Davison posted a double clear in the first world ranking class for Cirrus to take 19th.

Eoin Gallagher rode Flugel M into sixth in the 56-strong gold 1.40m speed, the Cornet Obolensky/Cardento nine-year-old finishing almost five sec behind the winner, Belgium’s Jerome Guery on Grace P.  Flo Norris was eighth aboard Teck De Riverland with steady clears from Emily Moffitt (Copain Du Perchet CH) and Joe Davison (Flora By Gucci) taking 19th and 20th.

Ben guided Gakhir into seventh in the 53-strong gold 1.35m speed, the eight-year-old Spartacus/Indorado stallion finishing 4.26 sec behind the winner. 

Lucinda Roche eased the 10-year-old Crazy Horse of Coco daughter Izar LB into second in the 59-horse silver 1.40m two-phase just 0.11 sec behind the winner.  Joe Clee picked up fourth on Calorie VH Marienshof Z, Flo Norris finished sixth on Lorielle 2 and Steven Franks was also double clear for ninth on Rumbolds Warriors Echo. 

Will Edwards claimed second spot in the 56-entry silver 1.25m table C speed with seven-year-old Magic Chanti 0.63 sec behind the pace.  Jo McGlory slotted Flaming Key SR Z into 10th with Ashley Ray and Quite A Flower in 13th and Emma Holmes netted 18th aboard Hilde.

Stacey Willsone netted fifth spot in the bronze 1.10m speed on the Lucca/Holland 16-year-old Alsager with a steady clear 10 sec off the pace.  Drew Coogan finished seventh on Isadora WK just ahead of Ellie Guy with Martels Hocus Pocus II in eighth and Amelie Villeneuve-Moore was also clear to take 13th on Aycha GDE Z.

Mark Hallion steered the Je T’Aime Flamenco nine-year-old Castle Rock into sixth in the 62-entry bronze 1.30m speed more than five sec off the pace.  Freya Hough finished ninth on Ideal S with Drew Coogan in 15th on Bachelor K and Sophie Garfield-Bennett was also clear for 19th aboard Hard To Get.

A steady clear in the 94-horse bronze 1.20m speed earned 18th spot for India Payne and Ijver more than six sec off the pace.


A winner already this week, Matt Sampson galloped to the top in the 2* 1.30m with Centos Girl in Opglabbeek, Belgium.

Forty-seven tackled this speed class with Matt flying ahead to win by 1.95 sec on the Cento/Con Capitol nine-year-old.  Richard Howley steered the nine-year-old Bellisima Z into second with Romilly Simmons in seventh on In The Air and Tim Gredley netted 11th with Jalanna.

Richard claimed ninth in the 97-strong 2* 1.45m with Michael Whitaker’s Arlo De Blondel, four faults in the 22-horse jump-off dropping the Dollar Dela Pierre nine-year-old down to ninth.

Tim slotted Unex Omega Star into second in the 29-strong 2* 1.20m two-phase, the Quick Star 17-year-old finishing 1.60 sec behind the pace. 

Charlotte Ash slipped into seventh in the 65-horse five-year-old 1.15/six-year-old 1.25m speed with the six-year-old mare Irma-Riende (Baltic VSL/Indoctro) 4.53 sec off the pace.  Leonie Aitkenhead returned a steady clear for 17th on Intense Royal Z.


In Le Mans, France, Adrian Speight steered the Cicero Z Van Paemel/Heartbreaker nine-year-old Heartstring into second in the 54-strong 2* 1.35m speed 0.85 sec behind the pace.  Skye Higgin claimed fourth on Brooklyn De Larquey. 

Graham Lovegrove jumped Excelibur into fifth in the mammoth 103-strong 2* 1.40m speed 3.51 sec behind the winner. 

Harry Wainwright slotted the Contact Van De Heffinck 10-year-old Jana Van’t Lozerhof into fourth in the 93-horse 1* 1.30m speed 2.49 sec behind the pace. 

Abbie Hosegood claimed fourth in the 18-horse amateur 1.10m speed with Carascada 11 sec off the pace.   Emily Renouf jumped clear on Golden Heart and Hulten for 12th and 14th.


Elsi Jacques headed a British top three in the pony 1.20m, taking the top two places herself in Nevers, France. 

Sixteen contended this two-phase class with Elsi winning on the 12-year-old stallion Trevoulter Ladies Man and slotting the Irish-bred nine-year-old Westward Sunshine into second, just a tenth of a second separating the two.  Cloe Loizzo was three sec behind on Destavelars Misty for third place while four faults in the second phase dropped Cleo’s second ride Banner Girl to seventh.   

Elsi claimed second in the 35-strong amateur 1.10m two-phase with the Centuriox seven-year-old Morginto just 0.11 sec off the pace. 


In St Tropez, France, at Hubside Jumping, Alexandra Thornton jumped an easy clear in the 40-strong 4* 1.45m speed to take 10th on Charielle seven sec off the pace.  Four faults in round one of the world ranking 4* 1.50m put Alexandra and Cornetto K into 15th.  Italy’s Emilio Bucci topped the seven-strong decider on Evita SG Z.

A double clear in the 79-horse 2* 1.40m two-phase put Alexandra and HHS Figero into 14th seven sec behind the winner.

Anna Camille Vlasov eased Arauca Noesar Z into seventh in the 2* 1.15m two-phase with a double clear 3.53 sec behind the pace.  And Anna picked up 11th in the 2* 1.25m speed with four faults on Beaumont W/V. 


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