Laura Renwick scores victory in Vilamoura

October 5, 2019

Laura Renwick raced to the top in the 3* 1.30m speed with Maverick in Vilamoura, Portugal.

She claimed the win on the home-bred Diamant De Semilly/Heartbreaker seven-year-old Maverick, holding off her 23 rivals to win by 2.59 sec.  Arabella Prior was 2.73 sec in arrears for third on the Azteca VDL nine-year-old Friso.

Laura slotted MHS Washington into third in the 17-strong 3* 1.35m two-phase, the 11-year-old OBOS Quality mare 1.28 sec off the pace.  Chloe Aston was a close fourth on the Armitage nine-year-old Argus Van Orshof Z and James Smith was also double clear for sixth on The Movie Star.

James provided the steadiest of the clears in the 13-horse jump-off of the 3* 1.40m to take eighth on Just Max.  Four faults dropped Chloe Aston on Dudok L and James with second ride Elmo Brown for ninth and 10th.

Brits claimed the top two places in the 3* 1.20m two-phase, Jack Nicklin securing victory on the 12-year-old Cwiebus KK with a 0.22 sec advantage over Arabella on the Quidam Junior eight-year-old MHS Sanfrancisco.

Angela Eardley claimed three of the top five places in the 1* 1.10m speed, winning by 1.29 sec on the 10-year-old mare Jesta Van De Noordhoek, taking third with Nonstop nine-year-old Forrella TS and fifth on the eight-year-old Eclipse II.


James Emblen recorded a double victory in Barbizon, France.  He topped the amateur 1.20m speed with the Asca Z 11-year-old Ascon Z, holding off all 29 rivals to win by 1.01 sec.

And James went on to win the amateur 1.15m two-phase, leading the way on Kimgarwyn Bramble-Boo to not only provide the only double clear but also register the fastest time by 3.55 sec.  Brits filled top three places here with Sasha Ford in second on Easy Choice and Lauren Morrisroe and Falou took third.   

A steady clear more than 12 sec off the pace put Sally Goding and Corbeah Luxor into 12th spot of the 56-horse 2* 1.40m speed.

A double clear earned Sally and Nitendo Van De Ise third place 1.66 sec behind the pace in the six-year-old.

Sally and Forever Liefhebber jumped clear for fourth in the 1* 1.20m speed five sec off the pace.


The host country Spain claimed the Challenge Cup at the Longines FEI Nations Cup Finals in Barcelona.

A total of nine teams lined up in this competition open to the nations that didn’t qualify for the second round series decider on Sunday. 

It was an edge-of-your-seats last-to-go clear from Sergio Alvarez Moya on Jet Run that clinched it, the Spanish team finishing in the top spot on a total of four faults.  The Netherlands finished second on eight faults with three teams tying for third on 12 faults – Great Britain, Brazil and the USA.

The Brits started off well with first out Amanda Derbyshire coming home on four faults with Luibanta BH and Holly Smith following up with a clear aboard Hearts Destiny.  But Ellen Whitaker returned 16 faults with Arena UK Winston to be the discard score and anchor Ben Maher posted eight with F One USA.

Holly jumped a double clear in the 53-strong Queens Cup 1.50m winning round to take seventh on Denver, the Chico’s Boy 11-year-old finishing 3.22 sec behind the winner, Darragh Kenny on Sweet Tricia.  


In Oliva Nova, Spain, only five of the 23 starters in the silver 1.40m grand prix reached the jump-off with Eoin Gallagher and the Popstar Lozonais eight-year-old Bigstar Derick taking third 1.47 sec behind the winner.  Fellow British-based Irish rider Lucinda Roche slotted Izar LB into fourth.

Eoin also contended the seven-strong jump-off of the world ranking gold 1.45m, but four faults second time out dropped the Diarado/Cassini I eight-year-old Di Caprio down to fifth.   Four faults in round one put Flo Norris on Kadance Van’t Lozerhof and Steven Franks with Brutus III in 10th and 12th.

Lucinda took third in the 21-horse bronze 1.40m speed with the Boss eight-year-old Gangsters Paradise 0.41 sec behind the pace.

Kayleigh Watts claimed second in the gold 1.35m speed with Kilbarron Rue, the Gelvin Clover nine-year-old just over three sec behind the winner.  Joe Davison picked up fifth on CSF Olympic Lady with Jane Annett in eighth and 11th with Billy Du Montois and Cliasira BH while Joe was also clear on Flora By Gucci for 17th.

Brits filled the top two places of the 65-horse bronze 1.20m speed, Alexandra Somerville-Cotton forging ahead to win by 1.25 sec on the Pro Set 10-year-old Promise with Emma Holmes and the nine-year-old Billy Congo daughter Hopeful in second.  Mark Hallion took seventh on Hinde ES while Ashley Ray (Care For and Quite A Flower), William Walker (Ustino), Stacey Willsone (Varo M) and Madeleine Kellett (Da Vinci Massuere) finished 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th.

Victoria Garfield-Bennett guided the Verdi 13-year-old Brandon into seventh in the 56-strong bronze 1.30m two-phase three sec behind the pace.  Freya Hough on Ideal S, Madeleine Kellett with Heolieta M and Suzy Golding’s Heidi IV also posted double clears for 11th, 12th and 15th.

Elizabeth Baker claimed fifth on Birdy Du Thor in the 54-strong silver 1.30m speed, the Magic D’Elle eight-year-old finishing four sec behind the winner. 

Stacey Willsone rode the 16-year-old Alsager into sixth in the 41-entry bronze 1.10m two-phase seven sec off the pace.  Drew Coogan returned the steadiest of the double clears for 11th on Isadora WK and one time fault put Amelie Villeneuve-Moore with Aycha Gde Z into 13th.


Jason Smith posted a double clear in the 67-strong world ranking 1.30m two-phase in Gorla Minore, Italy, on the 12-year-old Galaya Van Hof to take sixth spot 2.17 sec behind the winner.

Jason was also penalty-free with the eight-year-old Cagno to take 10th in the 1.20m two-phase more than six sec off the pace.

Dan Neilson was double clear in the six-year-old in a 13-horse decider to take 11th on Lyon.




In Opglabbeek, Belgium, Leonie Aitkenhead rode Prosperous K into an easy clear in the 34-horse seven-year-old 1.35m speed for 10th place.

Four faults in the 11-horse jump-off of the five and six-year-old dropped Leonie and the five-year-old Orchis VD Donkhoeve to 10th.



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