Nathan Bull jumps to a win in Lier

Nathan Bull hit form in Lier, Belgium, to record a win in the 2* 1.35m on Janice.

Fifty-two contended this speed class with Nathan outpacing all his rivals on the Kannan/Epilot nine-year-old to win with 3.41 sec in hand. Karl Robins guided Stapleton Mist into fourth almost six sec in arrears and Emma Rust took seventh on Denada.

Zoe Potter jumped into third in the 46-horse 1.30m speed with the Verdi/Raphael eight-year-old Monica LH 5.65 sec off the pace.

Richard Howley slotted Golden Touch B into fourth in the 71-strong 2* 1.30m two-phase, the Zambesi/Cobra eight-year-old finishing 3.48 sec behind the winner.

Nathan posted a double clear in Friday’s 2* 1.35m two-phase for sixth on Janice almost three sec off the pace. Richard was also penalty-free to take seventh on the nine-year-old Bellisima Z.

An easy double clear in the 77-strong 1.40m two-phase section one – split due to huge entries – earned Nathan 13th place with Kabab Fravanca more than four sec behind the pace. Karl Robins on G Camille HBF and Harry Whall with Exsultate Des Hayettes followed suit in the 74-entry section two to finish 13th and 19th.

Karl also picked up 10th in the 70-entry 1.20m speed on Balios Ar Park almost five sec off the pace.

Jessica Whall slotted the Contendro I 11-year-old Dolcendro L into fifth in the 25-strong 1.10m with the steadiest double clear in the seven-horse decider.

Tom Whitaker posted double clears in Friday’s six-year-old two-phase to take 10th and 14th on Django De Paulanne and Clever Boy Jun. Harry Whall also returned a clean sheet for 20th on Kingsborough Kasper.

And Tom went on to take second aboard Clever Boy in Saturday’s six-year-old speed, the Cordess 2 gelding finishing two sec behind the winner. Harry eased Kasper into fifth and Jessica took 18th on Celesta VS Helle Z.

Tom also claimed 12th in Friday’s 41-strong seven-year-old with Happiness and Richard on Spot On finished 17th with a double clear. Richard went to slot Spot On into 10th in Saturday’s speed class.

Zoe posted easy double clears in the five-year-old two-phase to take seventh and 15th on My Lady and Esto De Viscourt.

Clear and eight dropped Sienna Charles and Chinta Van Geluut Z down to 16th in the 18-horse jump-off of the 2* 1.45m grand prix qualifier.

Eighth in the 3* 1.40m speed on Friday, Ellen Whitaker moved the Locarno 10-year-old Diola up a gear to take third in Saturday’s 1.40m in a five-horse jump-off 2.38 sec behind the pace in Donaueschingen, Germany.

Four faults in the nine-horse decider of Friday’s 3* 1.50m put Ellen and the 10-year-old stallion Arena UK Winston into eighth spot. And four faults in round one of Saturday’s 1.50m put Ellen and Jack Van Katttenheye into 11th.

After taking 15th on day one in the seven-year-old 1.35m, Ellen and Hulahupe JR finished 13th in day two’s 1.40m with four faults on both occasions.

In Deauville, France, Flossie Polland claimed third in the 1* 1.20m two-phase with Ilana, the I’m Special De Muze/Voltaire six-year-old finishing 3.30 sec behind the winner. Four faults in the second phase dropped Maisy Williams and Prodige Des Etisses down to 10th.

Skye Higgin finished ninth in the seven-year-old 1.35m speed on Cobalt Du Tillard more than five sec behind the pace.

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