Simon Buckley is a driving force in France

Brits showed off their riding and driving skills to dominate the concluding CWD ride and drive in Fontainebleau, France, with Simon Buckley and Henry Turrell in the top two places.

Simon claimed victory with new ride Pandeur, the Zandeur/Puissance nine-year-old winning by 2.81 sec with Henry and the Niagara 13-year-old Barbados III in second place in the 16-strong class.

Simon steered the seven-year-old Gubeon Junior Kannan into third in the earlier 57-horse 1* 1.25m speed 3.48 sec behind the winner.  Henry was right behind for fourth on Barbados.

Chris Franks slotted the eight-year-old Ramiro B mare VC Vie De Valencio into fifth in the 45-strong 2* 1.35m two-phase 2.30 sec off the pace.  Ben Clark rode LCC Comanche into 11th with Taisie de Gruchy 14th on Winner of Picobello Z and Charlie Jones was also double clear on Dexter to take 18th.

Jackson Reed-Stephenson guided the Cicero Z Van Paemel nine-year-old Heartstring into fourth in the 58-horse 1* 1.35m speed 4.63 sec behind the pace.

Nicole Pavitt netted third in the 49-entry seven-year-old 1.35m speed with Gisele D’Ecaussines, the Nabab De Reve/Levantos I mare finishing 1.94 sec off the pace.

And Nicole also picked up third in the 31-horse 2* 1.30m two-phase with the 17-year-old Victor Blue 0.41 sec behind the winning time.  Sam Ward returned a double clear to take eighth on Boxted Boy.

Four faults in the 19-horse jump-off of the six-year-old 1.30m final put Simon and Millfield Counterfeit into 13th place.  Jude Burgess also returned four faults for 17th on Nikita Van De Vlasbloemhoeve.

Alana Collett rode the Cruisings Micky Finn nine-year-old Rathbride Millie into fourth in the 65-strong 1* 1.30m speed 3.43 sec behind the pace.  Ben Clark finished eighth with Valentino.

Two steady rounds in the 35-strong amateur 1.10m two-phase handed Nadine Mulgrew two time faults and ninth spot on Hiro Della Rivabella.  Four faults in the second phase put Arianna Kuligowski and Coco Fino into 11th.  And a steady clear in the amateur 1.15m speed gave Lillie Calouri 14th place on Lanverdel.

Four faults in the amateur 1.20m speed dropped Arianna and JCR Cartucho down to 13th place.


Emily Llewellyn jumped to victory in the five-year-old final with Invitation Only.  The 35 starters were reduced to nine in this 1.20m class with Emily taking the top spot on the Cicero Z/Eros Platiere gelding by 0.28 sec. 

Alex Gill eased Inaico VDL into third in the six-year-old final over a 1.30m track, the Indoctro/Baloubet Du Rouet stallion finishing exactly one second behind the winner in the 19-horse jump-off.

Emily posted the steadiest double clear in the 45-entry 2* silver tour 1.40m two-phase to take 16th on Mr Bullseye.



Laura Robinson claimed seventh in the 3* 1.45m with Calmond in Lier, Belgium. 

A mammoth 97 contended this two-phase with Laura and the Clarimo 12-year-old finishing just over two sec behind the winner, Ireland’s Gerard O’Neill and Castlefield Vegas.  British-based Irishman Peter Moloney took 14th on Steyburn and Keith Shore was also double clear for 15th on Iron Lady Ban’t Meulenhof.

Laura steered Bagghera into fourth in the 1* 1.25m speed, the Diamant De Semilly eight-year-old mare finishing almost six sec off the pace.  Romilly Simmons was seventh on Avicii with Vicky on Hippy and her father Paul Bevan’s Winterfield in 13th and 14th and Matilda took 17th with a steady clear on Dream Du Toultia Z.

Vicky Burns jumped into third place in the 1* 1.15m with Denzel II.  Thirty-five contended this speed class with Vicky and the Cantos 11-year-old finishing 1.83 sec behind the winner.  Orla Morrin took sixth on Kalinde K and Joe Clee was also clear for 12th on Moves Like Jagger while Joe’s second ride Calorie VH Marienshof Z came home on one time fault for 15th.

An easy clear by Donny Janciauskas and Cool Quarz claimed 16th in the 69-strong 3* 1.40m table C speed.

Matilda Lanni posted a double clear on Newbridges Master Brown to take 10th in the 3* 1.35m two-phase more than seven sec behind the pace.

One time fault in the five-year-old speed put Matilda and Jacpot into 11th place.  One time fault in the six-year-old speed also dropped Laura down the order and Millfield Colette finished 15th.


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