Harry Charles jumps into the money in Monaco

June 29, 2019

Harry Charles was a fraction from victory in Monte Carlo, Monaco, with Borsato in a strong 1.50/1.60m class.

Forty-four of the world’s best contended this 5* speed class with a confident Harry guiding the Contendro 13-year-old Borsato into second spot just 0.35 sec behind the winner, France’s Kevin Staut on For Joy Van’t Zorgvliet HDC.  William Whitaker was also clear on the Nabab De Reve 11-year-old RMF Cadeau De Muze for sixth spot while a steadier clear for Shane Breen on Ipswich Van De Wolfsakker earned 14th place.

Shane and Ipswich missed out on a jump-off chance by one very frustrating time fault in the concluding Longines Global Champions tour grand prix du Prince de Monaco and had to settle for 11th place.  The Netherlands’ Maikel van de Vleuten topped the 10-strong decider with Beauville Z over a 1.60m track with just 0.06 sec to spare over Qatar’s Bassem Mohammed on Gunder.

Flossy Polland galloped to the top in the 2* 1.15m with Southbound.  Twelve of the 26 starters reached the jump-off but none were a match for Flossy on the Calvaro FCS 17-year-old and they edged ahead to win by 0.06 sec. 

Tess Carmichael eased Atlantic PP Z into third in a 14-strong decider in the 2* 1.30m, the Air Jordan Z 14-year-old finishing just 0.15 sec behind the winner.    


Joe Clayton claimed fourth in the 3* 1.50m grand prix with Carreau of Greenhill Z over a tough track in Knokke, Belgium.

Only four of the 55 starters provided round one clears and were joined by those on a time fault and the four-faulters and five-faulters to make a jump-off of 15.  Joe carried one time fault from round one on the 10-year-old Clintissimo Z/Carentino mare but added no further penalties in round two to leap up the order to fourth. 

Ireland’s Darragh Kenny posted one of two double clears on Sweet Tricia to take victory over The Netherlands’ Kevin Jochems with Faithless MVDL by 0.27 sec.  Amanda Derbyshire returned on four faults in each round for a total of eight and 13th with Cornwall BH.   

Amanda guided Oasis Spirit into fourth in the 34-entry 5* 1.45m speed, the nine-year-old Cobra mare five sec off the pace.

And Amanda was one of 15 in the jump-off of the 43-entry 5* 1.50m but the Moschino 10-year-old Roulette BH rolled a pole to drop to ninth.  Italy’s Lorenzo de Luca claimed the win on Scuderia 1918 Halifax Van Het Kluizebos with 0.61 sec to spare over Germany’s Daniel Deusser on Calisto Blue.


Ellie Hall-McAteer jumped to the top in the 1* 1.30m two-phase with Unex Handyman.  Only nine contended this class and Ellie on the Heartbreaker/Cardento 16-year-old was a sure-fire winner with 2.60 sec in hand for victory.  Kayleigh Watts provided the steadiest of the double clears for fourth on Melvin VD Bisschop.


Jodie Hall-McAteer jumped Coquin De Coquerie Z into third in the 20-horse 3* 1.40m two-phase, the Consul De Vi Z 10-year-old stallion finishing half a sec behind the winner.  Joe Clayton returned the steadiest of the double clears for 11th on Swing De Landetta Z.

Jodie guided the Corland seven-year-old Mademoiselle-A into fifth in the 20-strong 2* 1.30m two-phase with an easy double clear more than seven sec off the pace.

Emma Stoker finished equal second in the six-year-old 1.30m on Q Seven (Quaid/Stakkato) after dead-heating on time with Ireland’s Darragh Kenny on CSF Sir George just 0.33 sec behind the winner in a 16-horse jump-off.  Joe Clee jumped clear on Ballinalard but opted to withdraw from the jump-off to take 16th.

Chloe Winchester claimed fourth in the 2* 1.35m accumulator on Arco D’ Obercourt, the Darco/For Pleasure nine-year-old 1.68 sec behind the winner.  Kayleigh lost one point toppling a rail at the first fence to take 12th on Sgt Pepper.

Four faults in the second phase of the 2* 1.40m dropped Kayleigh and Kilbarron Rue down to 12th.

Anna Wilks was penalty-free in the 48-strong seven-year-old 1.40m with Mijnheer Van De Lentamel (Emerald Van’t Ruytershof/Toulon) for fifth four sec behind the winner.  Emma Stoker reached the 13-horse jump-off to take 12th on Happyness and Anna was 13th with second ride Hocus Pocus.


In Mons Ghlin, Belgium, Guy Williams claimed eighth in the 91-horse 1.40m two-phase with Brendon Stud’s Warrior/Maestro Nativio nine-year-old Native Warrior 4.96 sec behind the pace.  Lily Freeman-Attwood also produced a double clear for 20th on Cor-Leon VD Vlierbeek Z.

John Daker eased Sweet Candy into eighth in the 94-strong 1.30m speed, the 10-year-old Heartbreaker daughter finishing more than five sec off the pace.


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