Ellen Whitaker is flying high with Winston

Ellen Whitaker landed the world ranking 1.45m in Valencia, Spain, with Norman Oley’s Arena UK Winston in a competitive class.

Forty tackled this speed class with Ellen and the 10-year-old Waldo Van Dungen/Hamilton Tropics stallion speeding to the win with 0.56 sec to spare. Mark Armstrong guided the Echo Van’t Spieveld nine-year-old mare Juharah into sixth place and Emily Moffitt posted the steadiest of the clears for 14th on Winning Good.

Guy Goosen jumped into second in Thursday’s six-year-old 1.30m with Dacantos. Nine contended the jump-off with Guy and the Dallas/Cantos stallion finishing 2.48 sec behind the winner.

Carmen Edwards clinched third place in Wednesday’s six-year-old on the Nervoso stallion Da Vinci Massuere just 0.35 sec behind the winner. Guy Goosen posted the steadiest of the double clears for sixth on Dacantos and Henry Truelove came home on one time fault aboard Iris L (Spartacus/Upgrade) to take seventh.

And Carmen also netted second place in Wednesday’s five-year-old with one of only two double clears on Edena Mouche (Kheops St Lois/Osiris D’Orion) more than five sec off the pace. Four faults in the second phase put Henry Truelove and Jellie (Dakar VDL/Indoctro) into fifth.

Carmen slotted Tinkas Brook II into sixth in the master 1.35m speed, the Zambesi eight-year-old finishing 12 sec off the pace. Henry Truelove claimed seventh on Golly Girl and Emily Moffitt was also clear for 10th on Cirus Du Ruisseau Z.

Four faults in the jump-off dropped Carmen and Edena Mouche to third in Thursday’s five-year-old.

James Smith claimed third in Thursday’s seven-year-old 1.40m with the Indoctro mare HBF-Delmar 2.88 sec off the pace in the six-horse jump-off. Emily Moffitt was right behind for fourth on Cash Du Plessis and four faults dropped Guy on Light Blue 3 down to sixth. Guy also picked up seventh on one time fault in round one with Dakota.

Easy double clears in Wednesday’s seven-year-old 1.30m two-phase handed James on HBF-Delmar and Guy with Light Blue 3 (Light On/Cayetano L) sixth and seventh places more than six sec behind the pace.

An easy clear in the master 1.40m speed handed Louise Morley and Langgeleden seventh spot almost nine sec off the pace. James and Just Max picked up ninth.

Jo McGlory jumped to the top in the silver 1.25m speed at Oliva Nova, Spain, with Flaming Key Sr Z, the eight-year-old outpacing all 30 rivals for victory by 3.71 sec.

And Jo picked up third in the 28-horse silver 1.35m speed with the Kannan/Darco 12-year-old Triomphe Kervac 2.54 sec behind the winner.

Jane Annett slotted Billy Du Montois into third in the 49-strong gold 1.30m speed, the eight-year-old Cevin Z/Abdullah stallion finishing more than six sec behind the pace. Nina Barbour jumped a steadier clear or 11th on AK’s Culcha Candela.

Nina posted an easy double clear in the 42-horse gold 1.40m two-phase to take 11th with Douglas Delight. Abbe Burchmore Eames on Booming Blue Z and Jane’s Hold Up both incurred one time fault to take 17th and 18th.

Cressy Neads guided Amazone Narko Z into second place in Wednesday’s six-year-old 1.25m. Just three of the 11 starters accessed the jump-off with Cressy and the Arko III/Skippy II gelding jumping another easy clear to take the runner-up spot more than seven sec behind the winner.

Cressy posted a double clear in the seven-year-old 1.35m two-phase to take sixth on Trakadon.

Howard Ephgrave claimed third in the 14-strong decider of Wednesday’s five-year-old 1.15m on the Don Diablo HX/Phin Phin mare Jayley 0.59 sec off the pace. Abbe Burchmore Eames eased Hamberlins Vistocor (Mr Visto/Lupicor) into sixth and Cressy provided a double clear with Alia to take 10th spot.

Howard and Jayley moved up one place for second 24 hours later finishing 0.48 sec off the pace in Thursday’s five-year-old 1.15m two-phase. Abbe Burchmore Eames was also double clear for 12th on Justify.

Four faults in the 1.45m speed dropped Laura Renwick and her home-bred Arko eight-year-odl Arkuga from a possible second to 11th.

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