Emma Stoker is a winner in Knokke

Emma Stoker jumped to the top in the 2* 1.40m with Townhead Annie against 76 rivals in Knokke, Belgium. Fifteen contended the jump-off but Emma had it all sewn up for victory on the Contendro I 14-year-old to win with 1.33 sec in hand. Clear and four dropped Polly Gredley and Unex Omega Star down to eighth.

Polly was double clear in the 69-horse 2* 1.35m two-phase with the Concorde 13-year-old Unex Arantos to take fourth. Kayleigh Watts jumped into 10th on Kilbarron Rue and Danielle Ryder also posted a double clear for 16th on Filandria.

Angelie von Essen topped the 3/2* ladies 1.45m with Cochella. Eleven of the 43 starters reached the jump-off but British-based Swede Angelie held off all challenges to take the win by just 0.06 sec on the Cartani 4/Lord 13-year-old. Flo Norris was 1.30 sec in arrears for fourth on the Indoctro 12-year-old Songe De Toscane and Cressy Neads was also double clear with Chinta Van Gelutt Z for sixth. Emily Moffitt returned clear and four with Tipsy Du Terral for ninth.

Cressy was best Brit in the 49-entry 3* 1.50m with Lordanos Junior, the 11-year-old Lordanos stallion posting the steadiest clear in the six-horse jump-off to finish fourth five sec off the pace. Four faults dropped Emma Stoker and the Tabasco La Silla 12-year-old Townhead Tallulah V from second to sixth.

And Cressy claimed fifth in the 78-horse 1* 1.30m grand prix on Fever L, the Stakkato eight-year-old 1.86 sec in the 23-strong jump-off.

William Whitaker finished second in the 3* 1.40m two-phase with the Last Liberty 15-year-old Fandango 0.65 sec behind the winner, Belgium’s Koen Vereecke on QP Castellane. Chloe Aston jumped into sixth with J Adore VD Keihoeve just ahead of James Davenport on Cheers Twin with Emily Moffitt in ninth and 11th with double clears on Zagahorn and Don Vito.

James returned the steadiest of the double clears in the 58-horse 2* 1.45m grand prix with One Endeavour, the Voltaire/Nimmerdor 10-year-old bred by his late father Steve Davenport finishing 3.86 sec behind the winner in the 11-strong jump-off.

Ellie Hall-McAteer topped the 59-strong section B 1* 1.25m speed – split into two because of the high entries – with the Nonstop 10-year-old Ninkie De Vy Z with 1.27 sec to spare. Lyndsay Scatterty finished ninth on the seven-year-old Gelesta and Scarlett Worrow eased Daimond into 12th.

Ellie also picked up 15th in the 61-horse A section 1.25m on the Lord Z 11-year-old Carabelle. Cressy finished 17th on Fever L and her husband Stuart Neads was 20th aboard Billy Republic.

Jane Annett returned the steadiest of the double clears to take fourth in the 57-strong seven-year-old 1.40m with Billy Tudor (Cevin Z/Andiamo Z) six sec behind the pace. Peter Moloney jumped for clear and four to take eighth on Federal-TH.

Jane eased Sligo Hermes Touch into second in the 1* 1.25m two-phase, the Hermes De Reve 10-year-old 0.62 sec off the pace.

British-based South African Charles Luyckx finished fifth in Sunday’s concluding 63-horse 2* 1.40m on Virtuose D’Eole, the nine-year-old mare 2.14 sec behind the winner in the 14-strong decider.

Nick Benterman eased Nella V/D Havan into second in the five-year-old 1.15m, the Contadoro Van De Helle/Laredo mare 0.87 sec behind the pace. Emma Stoker was double clear on Q Seven and illonois for fourth and sixth.

Lyndsay finished ninth in the 55-strong 1* 1.20m on Devonte, the Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve/Burggraaf 10-year-old dropping down the order with four faults in the 13-horse decider.

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