The HOYS 128cm class of 2017

September 22, 2017

It is one of the best classes of the show - the 128cm championship where tiny riders and their equally enthusiastic ponies vie for victory.  And the class of 2017 is:

Eloise Squibb has an impressive three rides through to the HOYS 128cm final.  In this her final 128cm year, she takes her Arena UK qualifier winner and Bolesworth grand prix champion Wyndham Tom Thumb (pictured), the 10-year-old Platinum Prince and the 21-year-old mare Bradmore Mystique, who qualified at Wales and West. 


Henry Squibb, Eloise’s cousin, rides two ponies in the 128cm final. The 16-year-old Major Jack II qualified at Wales and West and Henry’s HOYS 2016 finalist, the 23-year-old Pussy Cat Doll, picked up third at Port Royal to again travel to Birmingham’s NEC.



Aimee Jones and Koda. Aimee got the ride on the 18-year-old Koda and picked up HOYS qualification just a month into their new partnership with second place in Bicton’s qualifier.




Amy Morris and Madonna. Amy and the 14-year-old Madonna – partners for two and half years – qualified for HOYS with a second place at South View. 



Charlie Atkinson and Bunbury Conquest. Charlie and the 16-year-old Conquest has enjoyed a terrific 12 months with wins at Scope Festival 2016 tiny tots, Liverpool International and Pony of the Year Show and a second place at the Hickstead 128cm final. The pair continued their form in the 2017 summer season, heading the first of the HOYS 128cm qualifiers at Weston Lawns. 


Izabella Rogers is another with two rides and makes her HOYS debut with the 11-year-old Essenar Jinja Ninja – second in the Arena UK qualifier – and her South View winner, the 14-year-old Whinney Lass. 




Tia Squibb – Eloise’s sister – is another rider with two ponies in the final. She qualified the 16-year-old Gorm and Ban with a third place at Bicton and went on to win at Port Royal, and also qualified Ffynnonbach Sandman at Port Royal.



Noora von Bulow and Peppino Il Grande. Diminutive Noora, 8, took over the reins from Claudia Moore 12 months ago and qualified with third place at Arena UK with the 16-year-old ‘Peppi’ and went on to win at Bicton. 


Olivia Banks and Remington Steal. Paige and the 13-year-old Remington Steal won Hickstead’s 128cm at the Royal International Horse Show and have now set their sights on HOYS after qualifying with second place at Weston Lawns.  


Ollie Fry and Colliyers Pal Joey. Ollie took over this wonderful 10-year-old pony in January, almost immediately qualified for Hickstead and picke dup their HOYs qualification at Weston Lawns with third place. 



Paige Wright doubles up in her HOYS debut with two Irish-bred ponies – the 10-year-old Jiminy Cricket IV and the nine-year-old Black Shade of Gold. 



Rachel Proudley and Styx Evo VIII. Rachel won the HOYS 128cm championship last year with Painted Lady. The coloured, full of character mare failed to qualify for this year, but Rachel has the 17-year-old Styx Evo in the final to attempt to retain her title. 



Tabitha Kyle and Coreys Princess. Tabitha has produced this seven-year-old Irish-bred mare for the past two years from British novice level and will contend the HOYS 128cm this time. 



Thomas Bradburne and Runaway Dolly. Thomas will make his HOYS debut on the 26-year-old Dolly after claiming victory in the final qualifier at Wales and West.









William Stewart and Soxs Pocket Rocket. William finished third in the Scottish qualifier with the 12-year-old mare Pocket Rocket to make his way from Scotland to HOYS. 








Madelaine Archibald and My Little Sweetheart joins them in the final, making her HOYS debut after qualifying at Port Royal with second place.



Photos © Jumping Around


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