Emma Stoker and Louise Whitaker are in the money in Poland

Emma Stoker slotted the Cartoon 12-year-old Townhead Campus into fourth in the 1.40m speed on the Baltica Spring tour in Poland.

Seventy-six contended this hot class, Emma finishing 1.26 sec behind the winner. Louise Whitaker was close behind for fifth on Team Harmony's Kannan daughter Cleopatra and Emma also collected ninth on Shelby 12.

Louise Whitaker claimed fourth in the 1.30m table C speed aboard the 10-year-old mare Cuata, 1.64 sec behind the pace. A rail down for Ben Raistrick and Mourinho dropped them to seventh.

The steadiest of the clears in the world ranking 1.50m speed put Jamie Gornall in 18th on Carsten. Emma Stoker (Townhead Tallulah), Emily Ward (Wild Rose) and Graham Gillespie (London AJM) all provided fast fours to finish down the line.

Clear and four put Gemma Wright in 11th in the silver 1.20m with On Board Candy. One time fault in round one dropped Carmen Edwards into 18th on Twinning Hill and Madeleine Kellett claimed 19th with the fastest four on Castello.

Gemma also claimed 12th in the silver 1.30m speed on Ulrike Van Overis. Charlotte Miekle was incredibly fast with three sec in hand on Virginia 188, but a pole hit the floor and they dropped from winning to 24th.

Madeleine almost claimed a double. She finished second in the silver 1.10m table C speed with Ella VI, 1.76 sec behind the pace. Romilly Simmonds jumped into third on Candy Blue II and also picked up ninth on Ferani Paulowna.

And Madeleine scored a win in the 1m, winning the speed class with an amazing five sec in hand on Zwalbe.

Photos © Jumping Around & Monskoo courtesy Baltica Spring tour