Jane Annett posts a win in Fontainebleau

Jane Annett topped the 1* 1.25m with 0.26 sec in hand on the Hermes De Reve nine-year-old Sligo Hermes Touch at Fontainbleau, France. James Emblen took fifth on the Winningmood/Landlord 10-year-old Hakon Van De Smeets more than two sec behind. Jane also picked up 11th on second ride BF Allstar (pictured).

Jane also picked up eighth in the 45-strong five-year-old on Hold Up (DiaradoCourage II), nine sec behind the pace. Sam Ward was also clear for 14th on Michael Bates’ home-bred Kannan-sired Boxted Boy.

Clear and four dropped Jane and Pallas Masterclass to 13th in the 70-strong 2* 1.45m. Matt Sampson picked up one time fault in the first phase on Jaguar VD Berghoeve to drop to 23rd.

Steven Franks claimed third in the 56-strong 1* 1.30m with the Billy Congo 11-year-old Billy Ginger, finishing 1.26 sec behind the winner. Sam Ward slotted Wish into 10th with a double clear.

And Steven picked up third in the 1* 1.35m speed on the Quicksilber nine-year-old Amethyst, almost five sec in arrears of the winning time. Chloe Winchester returned a very steady clear on Contiki to finish down the line.

Chris Franks was just 0.66 sec in arrears in the 2* 1.35m speed for second on the eight-year-old Mega Times (Megabyte/Goodtimes). Matt Sampson and the Clinton/Heartbreaker eight-year-old Ebolensky slotted into third. Louise Alston was also clear on Mack The Knife for 13th.

Clare Reynolds took third in the 1.15m on the nine-year-old Pikachu, just 0.09 sec behind the pace, and Joanne Murphy was also penalty-free for 15th on Fairgold. Clare also claimed 15th on Footloose Vt Hazelarenhoekje with a double clear in the amateur 1.20m.

Sam Ward on Romany and Chris Franks with Monk’s Grand Prix both came home on a double clear for 13th and 14th in the 2* 1.30m and Louise Alston was also penalty-free on Doublet for 22nd.

Photos © Jumping Around