Prolific 128cm winner Mathews Girl is to be retired

Prolific 128cm winner Mathews Girl is to be retired. The now 23-year-old mare has competed at HOYS since 2006, winning three times with three different riders and took her final rider Alena Hughes from tiny tots in 2014 to HOYS 2015 and 2016, Hickstead, Olympia and Liverpool.

The ultra-consistent, ultra-careful little bay mare started life in Ireland, competing with Emily Turkington, Stacey Meegan, Emma Smyth and Emily O’Lone, winning the at Dublin as an eight-year-old. She moved to England in 2006 to form a formidable partnership with Millie Allen, finishing fourth at HOYS that year.

In 2007, Millie was placed fifth at Hickstead and seventh at HOYS and they almost did the double – taking second at Hickstead and winning HOYS – in 2008. The next year they were third at the Royal International, Hickstead and fifth at HOYS and the mare was briefly ridden by Claudia Dinning and Alex Gill before joining Harry Charles in late 2010.

Third at Hickstead and HOYS in 2011, Harry then handed Mathews Girl over to his sister Scarlett.

Scarlett and Mathews Girl went on to win at HOYS in 2012 – the same year her father Peter claimed an Olympic team gold medal.

Youngest sibling Sienna Charles took over in 2013 and immediately established a great partnership, taking fourth at Hickstead and going on to take victory at HOYS. Also third at the Royal International in 2014 and a HOYS contender, Sienna handed the reins over to Alena Hughes, who has enjoyed two and a half fantastic years with this much-loved pony.

Mathews Girl will now enjoy her retirement with the Alena and the Hughes family.

“She is without doubt one of the best 128cm ponies there has ever been,” said Alena’s mom Victoria Hughes.

Happy retirement to the wonderful servant Mathews Girl.

Photos © Jumping Around & courtesy the Hughes family