Sisters are doing it for themselves

Fifth in day one’s speed, Abbe Elliott (nee Burchmore Eames) jumped to the top in day two’s under 25 1.35m in Lier, Belgium, with the Lord Calando 12-year-old Rubys. They claimed the win with over a sec in hand in the seven-horse decider.

Four faults in the first round of the middle day’s 1.40m dropped Abbe and Booming Blue Z down to 11th.

Not to be outdone, Abbe’s sister Jodie Burchmore Eames proved unbeatable and scored a great hat-trick in the children-on-horses classes. She won on day one, topping the 18-strong jump-off with a sec to spare and went on to win day two’s speed by 1.71 sec with Casti Aneira.

And she topped off a grand show with with a grand prix win on the 10-year-old Casti Aneira. Fourteen tackled the jump-off by Jodie won confortably with two and half sec in hand on the Lupicor/Casco mare. Oliver Tuff also posted a double clear for fifth on Idocus VD Bisschop.

Alex McHattie kicked off the show with a win in the junior 1.25m, taking a 0.30 sec victory on Sandro Song/Ramino 14-year-old Sonata in a 23-horse jump-off. Ellie Hall-McAteer guided Chicobello into sixth more than three sec behind Alex. Also posting double clears was Georgia Blakemore on Acapella and Sammy Cotton on Emely B for 16th and 17th.

Jodie Hall-McAteer jumped into second in the junior 1.35m where a massive 42 of 70 starters contended the jump-off. Jodie used tight, smooth lines on the Vincenzo/Heartbreaker 10-year-old Colette, but she couldn’t catch Belgium’s Marthe Heudens and Best Mix Evana and settled for second 1.64 sec in arrears. A slower clear on Coquin de Coquerie Z took 14th.

In the middle day’s junior 1.30m two-phase, Belgium dominated but Brits Alex McHattie on the 10-year-old Crown Rhodonite daughter Rhodanites Rowenberry and Ellie Hall-McAteer with the Kannan daughter Dazzle II jumped into fourth and fifth a second behind the pace. Robert Murphy returned a steadier double clear for 11th on Kensington and clear and four put Alex on her second ride Sonata into 14th.

Alex had picked up fifth in the opening day’s junior 1.35m speed with Rowenberry, 2.20 sec behind the winner. Jodie on Colette and Robert with Del Fuego posted steadier rounds for 10th and 11th and Georgie Burchmore Eames was also clear on Contender B for 26th.

Four faults in the 16-strong junior 1.40m grand prix jump-off dropped Robert and Del Fuego down to 13th. Georgie Burchmore Eames returned similar results on Contender B for 16th.

Tahnia Jordan-Jones topped the pony 1.10m in commanding style on the 13-year-old Sulan Hollywood Knight, heading the strong 18-pony jump-off with 1.45 sec to spare.

A clear in the 1.20m speed put Tahnia on Tania and Maia Andrews’ 12-year-old Beech Comber into sixth with Ellie Hall-McAteer right behind for seventh on Tixylix and Antonia Platt on Sligo Furisto’s Flight in eighth. Also posting clear rounds was Darcy Holmes with Lynncott Fancy Pants, Alice Weightman on Cindy and Kiarra Hulme with Cashmira.

Ninth on day one with a double clear, Tahnia eased the 11-year-old gelding Jumper into second in the final day’s pony 1.10m with a double clear to finish 1.82 sec behind the winner. Other Brits also posted double clears with an easy trip on day one, including Jodie Burchmore Eames on Ron Burgundy for 10th, Ellie Hall-McAteer on Tixylix in 15th and Tahnia on Beech Comber in 19th.

In day one’s 1.05m speed, Ella Garlick returned home on a steady clear with Wild at Heart T for 16th and Alice Weightman claimed 18th aboard Epapke. Tahnia and Sulan Hollywood Knight crossed the line more than two sec up on the winning time, but a rail on the floor dropped them to 20th.

Brits were out of luck in the pony 1.25m grand prix. Seventeen reached the jump-off including Antonia Platt on Carnhill Luna and Darcy Holmes with Lynncott Fancy Pants, but four and eight in round two dropped them to ninth and 14th respectively. Kiarr Hulme picked up one time fault in round one on Cashmira to be denied jump-off access and stood 18th while Tahnia (Beech Comber) and Ella Garlick (Wild at Heart T) incurred four in the first round.

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