Jemma Kirk and Tchoupi Pironniere take a second win in Oliva Nova

Two starts equalled two wins. Jemma Kirk maintained a 100% record this week with the 10-year-old Tchoupi Pironniere (l’Amour du Bois/Hurlevent) in Oliva Nova, again posting a win. The pair headed the gold 1.35m two-phase with 1.29 sec to spare. Fellow Brit Louise Whitaker slotted into second place on the 11-year-old Kannan daughter Cleopatra. The Whitaker family featured strongly in this class, John slipping Echo of Light into fifth with his nephew Jack in ninth on Cherryfras de Rialfo Z. Michael Whitaker returned on one time fault with Pinheiro Beech for 19th.

Jamie Wingrove popped into third in the 74-strong silver 1.40m on the 11-year-old Truman 9 (Cartani/Quick Star), 2.08 sec behind the winner, the Netherlands’ Willem Greve and Elien. Louise Whitaker eased the eight-year-old Abeer II OL (Berlin/Cassini I) into sixth and James Wilson picked up eighth with clear and four on Eskola M.

Lucinda Roche continued with her winning form, topping the bronze 1.30m speed, winning by 1.57 sec with the 10-year-old Darco/Gold Sky 10-year-old Hebe Van’T Palmenhof. Tess Carmichael jumped into third on Atlantis PP Z, five sec in arrears and Carmen Edwards took sixth aboard the 11-year-old Seattle Davier.

Will Edwards was just half a sec in arrears to be denied a bronze 1.40m win on SHW Candies B. The seven-year-old Chacco Blue/Heartbreaker mare settled for second under Will’s guidance to Belgium’s Vincent de Reys on Cowboy du Toultia Z. Lucinda Roche claimed seventh on Izar B and 12th with WCE Falco.

Sam Ward landed fourth place in the gold 1.30m table C speed with Felicite, a seven-year-old Amadeus/Lysander mare, 2.46 sec behind the pace. British-based Irishman Barry Drea took fifth on the Billy Mexico eight-year-old Okehurst Miss Mexico with Jamie Wingrove in 11th on Ezivona and Charlotte Flack 12th aboard Luxalike.

Taisie de Gruchy slotted the Lupicor/Hamilcar eight-year-old Hoodshill First Look into fourth in the 84-strong silver 1.25m speed, 0.94 sec behind the winner. Heather Larson eased the Coriano 11-year-old Whitney XI into ninth, Joe Clayton posted a steadier round on Eye Catcher for 17 th and also returning penalty-free rounds was Charlotte Flack (Ashdale Luxon), Jamie Wingrove (Ephonie P) and Michael Whitaker (El Wee Widge).

Emma Holmes clinched third in the bronze 1.15m speed on the eight-year-old mare Evy Twiggy (Quasimodo van de Molendreef/Lux Z), finishing almost four sec behind the winner. Madeleine Kellett slipped into 10th on Ella VI with Alicia Store 11th on Capellini II and Emma on second ride Chekalux claimed 13th.

Carmen Edwards and Twinning Hill cantered into second spot in the bronze 1.25m, the Zambesi/Turbo six-year-old finishing 1.48 sec behind the winner. Taisie de Gruchy and Live the Life claimed seventh with Emma Holmes on Quincy 151 ninth and also clear, Tess Carmichael’s Boran jumped into 12th.

Clear and eight dropped Joe Clayton out of contention and into 17th in the gold 1.45m on Millioninmind. Stuart Harvey posted one time fault in round one on Egbert for 21st.

Photos © Jumping Around