Graham Babes maintains consistency in Mijas

Graham Babes and the consistent Glencoe (Chellthago Z/Numero Uno), a winner last week, proved one sec away from victory in the six-year-old for second spot on the Costa del Sol tour, Mijas.

Adrian Whiteway eased Kimba (It’s the Business/Tinka’s Boy) into fifth with Sammie-Jo Coffin sixth on Church Park Venus (Maximillian Voltucky/Hamlet), Lauren Edwards eighth on Kesara (Kannan/Grandilot) and Graham ninth with second ride Disco Fever JT Z (Diarado/Quidam de Revel) – all jumping double clears.

Brits lifted four of the top five places in the five-year-old, Sebastian Bishop coming to the fore to take the top two on Hollandani (Caleandro/Celano) and Springsteen (Spartacus/Canabis Z), 0.79 sec separating the two.

Lauren Edwards was 0.26 sec behind for third on Breit Star (Breitling LS/Sir Corland) and also picked up fifth with Carumba (Cardento/Grandilot). Fastest four and ninth spot went to Graham Babes and Ma Fleur JS.

A steady double clear handed Stacey Babes and Flairvona (Air Jordan/Numero Uno) ninth spot in the seven-year-old, more than six sec behind the winner, Belgium’s Viktor Daem on For President. Four faults in the second phase dropped Helena Cassir and Aidy des Forets into 13th.

Photo © Jumping Around