Robert Bevis hits the high notes on Etude

Robert Bevis jumped to a win in the Spanish sunshine tour’s big tour B 1.35m on the eight-year-old Whitesnake/Ahorn mare Etude.

A total of 86 contended this speed, and the pair relegated Germany’s Katharina Offel on Amarit D Amour into second by 0.97 sec.

Brits filled six of the top eight places with Richard Barton in third on the nine-year-old mare Donata (Ukato/Ovidius) followed closely by Lance Whitehouse’s Cartino III (Cartano/Topas) in fourth. Theo Simpson was fifth on Touch of Chilli with Millie Allen sixth aboard Balou Star and Jess Dimmock eased Cudansa M into eighth. Billy Twomey jumped a nice clear on Kim Barzilay’s Kimba Flamenco for 12th. Also posting clears was Morgan Kent (Remi Delux) and James Davenport (One Endeavour).

Derek McCoppin bounced up the order in the big tour D 1.45m speed to take second on the Indoctro 13-year-old Zaire. British-based Irishman Derek and the Zaire finished two sec behind the winner, Italy’s Alberto Zorzi on Living the Dream. Ellen Whitaker was best Brit in eighth place on Arena UK Winston and Aimee Jones took 12th on Never Last. Millie Allen jumped into 14th on Cochella with Jordan Thompson also posting a clear on Uni Stop for 15th.

Matt Sampson claimed second in the big tour C 1.40m on the Clinton/Heartbreaker eight-year-old Ebolensky 1.59 sec in arrears of the winning time. British-based Swede Angelie von Essen took third on the Cheers Cassini/Quasimodo Z 11-year-old One Man with Kirstie Leightley in seventh on Thais D la Verrierie. Jake Saywell guided Endvot into 14th with Millie Allen 16th on Lowellie and Robert Whitaker jumped a steady double clear for 18th on Able Mabel.

Jordan Thompson posted victory in the big tour A2 1.30m on the Diarado/Heartbreaker eight-year-old Eclips VIII, winning by 0.74 sec. Joe Whitaker eased Finesse VD Watertoren into fourth with Lance Whitehouse in fifth aboard Miss Belverdere. Charlotte Ash took seventh on Galant van het Vijverhof and Leonie Aitkenhead on D Millfield Darin equalled the time of Antonio Marinas Soto with Cocobanta to share ninth place. Mark Armstrong took 15th on Daniella and also jumping clear was Aimee Jones on Ultravox II and Tim Wilks with SIEC Crisanta.

Brits filled the top two places in the medium tour C 1.40m, Kayleigh Watts taking the win on the 14-year-old Numero Uno/No Limit mare Winde 0.31 sec ahead of Abbe Elliott on Wilandri E. Laura Robinson eased Lombelle into seventh with Ashlee Harrison’s Xahra II in eighth, Spencer Roe on Chaccamo Agostini took 11th and David Wingrove claimed 15th on What a Kaschin K.

Abbe claimed her own win in the medium tour B 1.35m speed on the 10-year-old mare Casti Aneira, beating Jodie Hall-McAteer into second on the 10-year-old Vincenzo daughter Colette by 1.09 sec. Abbe also picked up sixth on Booming Blue Z and Jodie guided her second ride Coquin de Coquerie Z into eighth. Also clear, David Wingrove pushed Carrelo ST into 10th with Pippa Goddard in 11th on Jucatan II.

And Kayleigh doubled up in the small tour A 1.10m speed on the 12-year-old mare Falballa de Messitert, winning by 4.20 sec. Lauren McCarthy eased Darcy into fourth and Elliott Dowler was also clear on For Gotti for seventh.

Mark slipped the 12-year-old Balougio III into second in the big tour A1 1.30m 0.37 sec behind the pace. Deborah Jackson claimed fifth with Giljan VD Legeweg.

Ellie Hall-McAteer galloped into the top spot of the small tour C on the Kannan/Cavalier Royale 16-year-old Dazzle II with a 1.13 sec advantage. Her sister Jodie had to settle for third on Kondy with Polly Gredley in eighth aboard Unex Arantos.

Polly finished seventh on Unex Clintan B in the small tour B 1.20m two-phase with Rachel Howell in 11th on Utopia X and Elliott Dowler 12th on Chilas.

Georgia Distefano picked up eighth on Cassia DS in the medium tour A 1.30m with Sally Hopkinson in 11th aboard Etahgravin and Isabelle George in 12th on STS Lloyd. Also double clear was Joanne Whitaker in 16th on Brooklynn and 19th-placed Kieran Masters on Tiziano du Tillard. Callie Chant and For Robin picked up just one time faults for 21st.

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