Tim Page hits winning form in Vilamoura

Tim Page topped the 1.40m on the Vilamoura Altlantic tour with Steady the Helm. The Tikkanen 12-year-old gelding was in super-speedy mode for Tim in this 59-strong speed class, registering a 0.94 sec win over Germany’s Marc Bettinger and Vesta de Coquerie.

Chloe Aston claimed fifth on the Coronado/Caletto I 14-year-old Cecilia with Sophie Fawcett in ninth on the scopey, eye-catching Winningmood eight-year-old Winning Good. Philip Spivey took 13th on VDL Cassius with Chloe on second ride Figaro in 14th, Nicole Pavitt’s Gemmarco 16 in 15th, Sammie Jo Coffin in 16th on Simply Splendid and also jumping clear, Emma Stoker on Dieg’Eau de Villee for 17th.

Emily Ward was best Brit in the 1.50m grand prix, taking fourth on Remi Cavalleri.

Eleven of the 63 starters provided round one clears, including five Brits, but A British win was denied when Germany’s Marcel Marschall galloped into the top spot Undercontract to win by 1.62 sec from Brazil’s Marlon Modolo Zanotelli on Celena VDL.

Emily was foot-perfect on Anne Bedford’s super-scopey Remi Cavalleri, but the Handel II/Handel’s Renaldo 11-year-old was almost three sec behind the pace. Laura Renwick must be thrilled with the progress of the Dollar du Maurier/Darco eight-year-old Top Dollar VI, who stepped up here effortlessly to take fifth with a double clear.

Eight faults in round two dropped Jude Burgess and the Ugano Sitte nine-year-old Comeback de Fremis and Emma Stoker’s Cartoon 12-year-old Townhead Campus to ninth and 10th and Philip Spivey returned on nine for 11th with Darya I Nur. Nicole Pavitt came home on four in round one with Hussah TM.

Abbie Summers hit form to head the 1.20m aboard the 12-year-old Quality daughter Quantas, but she had to share the spoils when France’s Manon Jobin equalled her time on Picasso Sissart.

“What are the odds of that happening,” Abbie exclaimed after her win.

Sammie-Jo Coffin took fourth and fifth on the Felton du Mont seven-year-old Churchill Z and the nine-year-old Lupico daughter Devil’s Kiss. Australia’s Rowan Willis slotted Nora in right behind for sixth with Charlotte Meikle in 13th on Zicero D and Angela Eardley was also double clear for 20th on Jesta van de Noordhoek.

They were quick but not quick enough! James Smith and Henry Turrell took second and third in the 1.30m speed. James slotted the Quidam’s Rubin 13-year-old Quattro 27 into second behind Portugal’s Duarte Seabra on Axelle M Z, 1.72 sec in arrears. Henry took third with the Niagara/Numero Uno 11-year-old Barbados III. Stephen Lohoar was also cleat to finish 11th on Idem Dito V/D Hemelse Breedte.

Vanessa Jobson-Scott continued on her incredible winning run with Arthur van de Helle, the Concorde/Alme 17-year-old taking a win in the 1.10m by 0.43 sec. Callum Linning jumped into fifth on the seven-year-old Russel daughter Carrighill Russelle with Sam Wall in seventh aboard Katie and Sue McCreath’s Graf Top 10-year-old Gwen Stefani and Ellie Mantel claimed 11th on the Animo/Darco 14-year-old Nikko. Tim Page also posted a double clear on the seven-year-old Chaccamo Blue for 16th.

Photos © Jumping Around & courtesy Pia Summers