Louise Saywell is a winner at De Peelbergen

Louise Saywell got off to a flying start on day one in De Peelbergen, Kronenberg, the Netherlands, landing the 1.35m on Graham Ward’s Chicago Z/Darco 12-year-old Feigtling. The pair had almost a second in hand over Belgium’s Perry Geryl on Cranilli. Mark Bunting posted clear and four on Eurohills Calcary.

Mark took 11th in the 1.40m on Brennergraaf, a Quasimodo Z 11-year-old, more than five sec behind the winner, and Louise jumped into 16th on Audi’s Amalia (Lux/Cantos) with a steady clear. Graham Lovegrove posted one time fault on Jakarta van de Roshoeve d’14.

Yazmin Davis jumped into sixth in the 1.30m on the Zandor Z/Calvaro Z eight-year-old Zanbowa, 1.83 sec behind the pace.

And Yazmin took 16th in the 1.40m grand prix qualifier with the Guidam/Celano mare Zilverster II with an easy-going clear round.

Mark and Eurohill’Ss Alcatraz came home on four and Louise on Dassler finished on six faults.

Photos © Jumping Around