Beth Vernon leads the Brits to victory on the Spanish sunshine tour

Brits filled the top four places of the big tour A section 2 1.30m on the Spanish sunshine tour, Beth Vernon landing the win with French-bred 15-year-old Omane Des Faux, winning by 2.80 sec. Aimee Jones guided Lilly 483 into second with Jess Dimmock’s Billy Tortilla third and Rob Bevis bringing Etude into fourth. Georgie Crumley took sixth on Moon Zappa, Ellen Whitaker eased Evita W into eighth and Leonie Aitkenhead was 10th on D Millfield Darin. Also clear was Deborah Jackson (Giljan VD Legeweg), Chloe Winchester (Hasj VH Vliegenhof Z) and Douglas Duffin (Casparall). A total of 21 returned on one time fault, including Lance Whitehouse (Miss Belvedere) and Jake Saywell (Havina van de Roshoeve).

And Brits took the top two places in the big tour A section 1, Harriet Nuttall and Cougar/Flagmount Diamond 16-year-old Highland Cruiser taking the win by 1.12 sec over Jordan Thompson’s Eclips V. Abbe Elliott guided Contender B into fourth with Leo Lorimer in eighth on Candela 50, Jess Dimmock on Cudansa M took 10th, Robert Bevis claimed 15th on Radioactive just ahead of Douglas Duffin, in 16th with Pyjama Jack. Also clear was Jake Saywell (Endvot), Mark Armstrong (Fabienne), Aimee Jones (Ultravox II), Graham Gillespie (Celine) and Deborah Jackson (For Blondie). Billy Twomey (Pewit Nono), Georgie Crumley (Renkum Rock & Roll) and Lance Whitehouse (Dior V Overis Z) came home on one time fault and Matt Sampson returned two on Gloria Van Zuuthoeve.

Graham Gillespie claimed victory on the Spanish sunshine tour, heading the big tour C 1.35m aboard new ride Laverin de Saar, a German-bred 13-year-old by Lavarin. Eighty contended this speed class, with Graham winning by a slender 0.15 sec.

Harriet Nuttall took fourth with Silver Lift and Abbe Elliott slotted Wilandri E into fifth. Richard Barton claimed 10th on Donata with Aimee Jones on Never Last in 15th and Alison Barton’s Roma IV taking 18th. Also clear was Chloe Winchester on Sheyenne 27, Beth Vernon with Lotus, Ellen Whitaker on Arena UK Winston and Guy Williams aboard Carlson.

Harriet was best Brit in the Big tour D 1.45m, posting a double clear with A Touch Imperious to take ninth, some 10 sec behind the winner, Colombia’s Carlos Lopez Lizarazo on Cuplandra. Antonio Marinas Soto claimed 13th on Cash and Go in the 16-horse decider. Chris Megahey’s jumping clear in round one on Seapatrick Cruise Cavalier was marred by one time fault to deny him a jump-off chance. Guy Williams on Depardieu Van’t Kiezelhof and Lance Whitehouse’s Vik II both returned on four faults.

Robert Bevis jumped into fifth with Pebbbles IV in the big tour C 1.40m, 1.44 sec behind the pace. Matt Sampson took eighth on Roi and Jess Dimmock claimed 16th with Cybell II. Also jumping clear was Harriet Nuttall (Galwaybay Jed), Christie Tamarin (Grupo Prom Montejo), Jordan Tjhompson (Uni Stop) and James Davenport (Air Travel).

Spencer Roe claimed fifth on Chaccomo Agostiniin the medium tour C speed, 2.90 sec behind the winner. Four faults dropped other Brits down the line, including Jodie Hall-McAteer (Colette), Kayleigh Watts (Winde) and Danielle Farnsworth (Claddagh Iroko and Cornascriebe Ferro).

In the medium tour B, Faye Adams pushed Zozo CL into fifth four sec behind the pace, and Faye claimed 10th on Ciana. Faye was also second in the small tour B on the Dutch eight-year-old Ebriolita, 0.90 sec denying her a win. Jodie Burchmore Eames was fifth on Casti Aneira and Louis Simmons took seventh on Dice. Rachel Howell (Utopia X) was eighth, Abbie Crippen (Elstar) took 11th and Isabelle Corke (Cartalano) took 12th.

Charlotte Ash took sixth in the medium tour A with Galant van het Vijverhof six sec in arrears of the winning time, and Donald Whitaker posted a stead clear on Just Cal Me Millfield Aristoc for 23rd.

Brits lifted the top two of the small tour C, Ellie Hall-McAteer taking the win on the consistent Kannan mare Dazzle II, 4.55 sec in front of Theo Simpson’s Alvin Only in second. Richard Jenkinson and Culto took ninth.

Jake Ward lifted the top two places in the small tour A on the Toulon 12-year-old Falballa de Messitert and the Randi 10-year-old Frederick VII, 2.70 sec separating the two. Annabel Lomas was fifth on Vraiecocotte Berence and 13th aboard Ferndale Special K with Rachel Howell ninth on Sienna and Elliott Dowler 12th on Chilas.

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