Douglas Duffin is consistent with Moonface JX on the Spanish sunshine tour

Douglas Duffin jumped into third in the section B seven-year-old with the Scottish-bred Moonface JX (Clarius/Couleur Rubin), on the Spanish sunshine tour, Vejer de la Frontera. They finished 1.31 sec behind the pace. Beth Vernon claimed eighth on Hashtag with Chris Megahey on Fuego Balia in 14th and Alice Palmer took 18th on Essenar Crixius and 23rd aboard Boogie IV. Also jumping clear was Sally Hopkinson (Fadograaf) and Danny Dunne (For Killy).

In the section A seven-year-old, Chloe Winchester slotted Firefly W (Nabab de Reve/Voltaire) into third, almost five sec in arrears of the winner. Chris Moorhouse was fifth on Castle Rock (Je T’Aime Flamenco/Diamond Serpent) with Lance Whitehouse and the Argento stallion Bazento taking sixth and Kayleigh Watts aboard Colton Playtime in eighth. Donald Whitaker guided Veintiuno into 12th and also jumping clear was Joanne Whitaker (Mill River), Jake Saywell (Darco Native), Joe Whitaker (La Mona and Billyjean), Graham Gillespie (Fortuna ES and Calvaros Up To Date), Anna Wilks (Knock Out van T Paradisj), Lance Whitehouse (Whitesparke Blanko) and David Wingrove (Freestyler).

Rosie Gunn posted victory in the six-year-old section A on Jagerbomb (Arezzo VDL/C Indoctro II). They jumped ahead of fellow Brit Jessica Crosby on Harvey to take the win by 1.76 sec.

Jess Dimmock eased the Tangelo van de Zuuthoeve/Billy Mexico mare Billy Fleance into fourth with Leo Lorimer in ninth on Liu-Jo VLS, Ellen Whitaker claimed 15th on Quorti, Deborah Jackson jumped into 17th aboard Swing de Landetta Z, Harriet Nuttall took 18th on Carla X, Spencer Roe was 19th on Gusto and Danny Dunne claimed 21st with Gin Fizz. Also clear was Lance Whitehouse (Whitesparke Pepper), Danny Dunne (Golden Touch B), Tim Wilks (Glory Warrior), Jake Saywell (Galaxcy), Caroline Cork (Gladjas) and Spencer (Golden Boy).

In the section B six-year-old, Pippa Goddard took sixth on the Cascall daughter Toki II, almost two sec behind the winner, Ireland’s Bertram Allen on Baila du Loup. Matt Sampson guided Glitter into seventh and Pippa also took 11th on Zoon van London. Lloyd Thomas eased Castillan into 16th with Joanne Whitaker just behind in 17th on Gerton. Also jumping clear was Joe Whitaker (Fairy Tale and Black Pearl Leone), David Wingrove (Grandeur III), Kayleigh Watts (Rocabella), Anna Wilks (La Force de Tamerville), Tim Price (Startaco Dell Usignolo), Matt Sampson (Corofino’s Grace) and Alice Palmer (Glamour Boy).

India Payne triumphed in the section B five-year-old on the Plot Blue/Diamant de Semilly mare Pina Colada Z, winning by 1.24 sec. Samantha Kettle filled third on Hongkong VDO (Baltic VDL/Indoctro) and Simon Crippen claimed sixth with Budgie (Conthargos/Chacco Blue). Leonie Aitkenhead eased Heart Third into ninth and Deborah Jackson took 11th on Hannibal.

Alice Palmer and Murphy Hof Ter Zeedycke jumped into third in the five-year-old section A with Sally Hopkinson on Chilli in fourth. Isabelle Corke and Hampshire finished 11th.

Also jumping clear in the five-year-olds was Louise Simmons (Hakuna and Action Z), Spencer Roe (Hero VD Akkerhoeve), Deborah Jackson (X Factor), India Payne (Vedett Z), Sally Hopkinson (Art Action Z), Danny Dunne (Happyness and Hutchinson), Charlotte Ash (Calini), Pippa Goddard (Hadesh VDS), Laura Robinson (D.Millfield Tobias), Danika Johnsey-Plumley (TJ Jolene) and Donald Whitaker (Handstand).

Photo © Jumping Around