Holly Smith is sidelined with a broken leg

Holly Smith has had to cut short her successful run in Spain after breaking her leg in a fall at home.

Holly, winner of Sunday’s concluding MET I grand prix in Oliva Nova on Quality Old Joker, returned home for a week to see her daughter before the MET II tour starts, and the fall occurred on Monday.

“The horse, one I ride regularly, stopped, spun and I landed on my feet and knew I’d broken my leg immediately,” said Holly, who broke a leg badly back in 2012 and endured operations.

This time, it is her other leg.

"It doesn't look nearly as bad as last time when I broke my leg in 2012," she said.

And Holly is also suffering from compartment syndrome, when excessive pressure builds up inside an enclosed muscle and usually results in bleeding or swelling.

“It’s a lower leg injury and typical with people who have strong legs,” said Holly, who had to have an op to relieve the pressure.

“I have a big gash down the back of my leg but I’m not worried about looks, I just want to get back riding and competing as soon as possible and I’m hoping to go to Oaksey House for rehab.”

We wish Holly a speedy recovery.

Photo © Jumping Around