Global Champions League launch a new format for 2017

The Global Champions League kicks off 2017 with a new format. The second season sees the League class take place over two days as teams compete for an incredible 10.5 million euro prize purse. And this year the riders will be able to earn Longines world ranking points after as well as extra prize money after GCL and the FEI came to an agreement over this series just last week after a couple of years legal wrangling.

And the winning team at the end of the 2017 series will win an amazing 2 million euro from the overall GCL bonus pot! The innovative League was launched last year, with the Valkenswaard United team – including the winning pairing of John Whitaker and Bertram Allen – topping the overall league to take the bonus pot.

The second GCL season will get underway in Mexico City in April with teams competing all over the world at glorious locations.

The first part of the League will be on the opening day of each event in a 1.50/1.55m class and the teams combined scores will be taken forward to the second class. Teams can now also change horses and/or riders for the two GCL classes, triggering even more intense, tactical battles. And this year’s transfer window (17 July – 24 July) will be at a critical point in the season as teams re-evaluate to gain maximum advantage and points.

The second part of the competition will also double as a LGCT grand prix qualifierover 1.55/1.60m. Individual riders will also be able to start in this class, going first to try to qualify for the grand prix.

Then the teams will take centre stage, but their performance will also determine grand prix qualification. Only the top 25 riders from the teams and individual riders from the second class will qualify for the LGCT grand prix – which now will be one round and a jump-off. All riders will start the grand prix on a zero score.

Photos © LGCT/Stefano Grasso