Jodie Hall McAteer jumps to victory in the ponies and junior classes at Achterhoek

After taking eighth on day one at the Jumping de Achterhoek four day youth meeting in Lichtenvoorde, Belgium, Jodie Hall McAteer claimed more than a second in hand in Friday’s Junior 1.35m to win on the Vincenzo eight-year-old Colette, leaving Belgium’s Thibault Philippaerts on Zandigo. And Jodie was just 0.20 sec away from victory in Friday’s 1.30m on the seven-year-old stallion Coquin De Coquerie in Friday’s Junior 1.30m. Georgie Burchmore Eames – double clear and 17th on day one with Contender B – claimed sixth.

One time fault prevented Jodie from contending the five-strong jump-off of the Junior 1.40m with Coquin De Coquerie Z and the pair settled for seventh.

Jodie was also on form in the pony classes, taking first and third in Friday’s 1.25m with Lea Du Genier and the amazing 18-year-old Tixylix. Sandwiched into second was Ireland’s Harry Allen on The Little Squire – a former ride of Jodie’s and second in HOYS pony showjumper of the year. Drew Walton and Tequila Twist claimed eighth with Georgie Burchmore Eames and Ron Burgundy taking 10th. Kiarra Hulme came home on one time fault for 16th on Cashmira.

Georgie eased Ron Burgundy into third in the final day’s 1.30m, 2.34 sec behind the winner and just in front of fourth-placed Harry Allen on Aughnshammer – Charlotte Ash’s former European championship ride.Only six reached the jump-off here, with Brits Drew on Tequila Twist and Kiarra on Cashmira unlucky not to join them after jumping clear but picking up a time fault apiece to take seventh and eighth. Jodie returned four faults on Lea Du Genier and Tixylix for 10th and 11th. Drew also posted four on Trevoulter Ladies Man.

In Thursday’s pony class, Drew Walton eased Trevoulter Ladies Man into seventh with Georgie in eighth on Ron Burgundy. Drew also took 14th on Tequila Twist and Kiarra jumped double clear on Cashmira for 22nd.

Alice Weightman took 11th with Epapke in the pony 1.15m speed with a steady clear.

Alice Weightman took 11th with Epapke in the pony 1.15m speed with a steady clear.

Aimee Jones slotted the Lordanos 10-year-old Lilly 483 into fourth in Thursday’s under 25 1.35m, two and half sec behind the winner. It was a good opening run and paved the way to victory the following day, the speedy pair winning the under 25 1.35m by 2.34 sec in the seven-horse decider. Abbe Elliott returned four faults in round one for 15th on Booming Blue Z.

Aimee also claimed 13th on Never Last in the first of the under 25 1.40m classes with clear and four, and went on to pick up fifth in Friday’s class, 1.41 sec behind the winner.

Jodie Burchmore Eames borrowed big sister Abbe Elliott’s Lupicor nine-year-old Casti Aneira to head Friday’s children-on-horses 1.10m, winning by 1.84 sec.

In the final day’s children’s 1.25m, Ellie Hall McAteer rode the Kannan/Cavalier Royale 15-year-old Dazzle into second place, 2.04 sec behind the winner. Jodie slotted Casti Aneira just behind into third.

In Friday’s class, Ellie claimed seventh and 11th on Dazzle and Winde, and on Saturday, Ellie stood seventh on Winde and 11th with Dazzle. Jodie took 12th with Casti Aneira.

Photos © Jumping Around