John Whitaker and Argento hit immediate form in Stuttgart

John Whitaker steamed ahead in the 1.45m speed on day one at Stuttgart 5*, Germany, taking a good win on the game 14-year-old stallion Argento. They claimed 0.13 sec over their nearest rival Germany’s Felix Habmann on SL Brazonado in the 85-strong class. Scott Brash aimed for accuracy with the nine-year-old Hello M’Lord for a look-see in this opening class to pick up one time fault and John on second ride Lord of Arabia incurred two time faults.

In the speed and handiness 1.50m, Scott and the Diamant de Semilly 11-year-old Hello Guv’Nor added four sec to their time to finish in 20th place and Shane Breen added eight on Golden Hawk. Germany’s Daniel Duesser took the win on Happiness Van T Paradijs with two sec in hand over fellow German Christian Ahlmann on Carabis Z.

Photo © Jumping Around