Rachel Vicary and Michael Fursedonn take Hickstead places at Crofton Manor

Rachel Vicary and Michael Fursedonn are off to Hickstead! The pair landed the coveted top two SEIB winter novice places at Crofton Manor to claim finalist places at the prestigious Royal International Horse Show.

A total of 42 tackled the jump-off from 67 starters, with early-drawn Rachel finding the shortest route on Marysia Orzazewska’s Daisy Duke IV, an eight-year-old she has competed since April. Although she endured a nail-biting wait and 11 double clears were produced, no-one came close to Rachel’s sizzling time, and she took victory by 1.80 sec.

Michael Fursedonn slotted Nirvana Vant Vossenhof Z, a five-year-old mare with Nonstop/Caritano Z bloodlines, into second spot.

Lauren Edwards just missed out with third on the nine-year-old Carnaval Cocktail and Kim Coburn took fourth with Zeus Valencie.

Rachel and Michael also featured in the British Showjumping winter amateur qualifier. Lily Bradstock claimed the win on Ann Solis’ Benedictus, a Concorde/Ekstein 10-year-old she has taken over from brother Alfie.Nick Edwards took second on the Warrant/Burggraaf seven-year-old Elastique with Rachel and the 15-year-old Sparkling Indulgence in third. Michael Fursedonn was fourth on Darcode with Lowri Ball fifth on Christina III. Rachel also headed the 1.15m on the consistent Sparkling Indulgence, relegating Nick Edwards on Elastique and Polly Shaw with Galano Ter Klomp into second and third respectively.

And Michael also doubled up with two wins later in the show. He won a 1.30m on the Tangelo Van De Zuuthoeve nine-year-old stallion Cannavaro and lifted the top two newcomer places aboard the five-year-old Baywood Chello and the Chacco Blue gelding Royal Blue. Mark Wildish netted a newcomer third on Fabi Van De Vrunte with Jodie Travers in fourth on Pickwick De Frieres.

Olivia Poole was another posting a victory double. She partnered the Lupicor/Quality Touch Z nine-year-old mare Chinook BH on both occasions to win a 1.30m and a 1.25m. William Rekert took second in the 1.25m on the Zelote VDL/Lux eight-year-old Daniek with Stephen Mercer in third aboard Greenlanes Balou Star and Nicole Pavitt on Gemmarco 16 in fourth.

In the 1.30m, Keith Doyle had to settle for second with Quality/No Limit seven-year-old Elmo Brown and Sally Goding rode into third with Luidam 10-year-old Tiger Millie II.

Georgia Tame netted the top spot of the 1.35m on the Grosso Z/Hors La Loi II 12-year-old Zidane VIII, relegating Derek McCoppin with the Indoctro 12-year-old Zaire into second place. Darren Wise took third on Calaero with Mark Armstrong fourth on Lord Carlino.

It was all about double wins at this show. Mark also topped a Foxhunter/1.20m on the seven-year-old mare Daniella, pushing Michael and Nirvana Vant Vossenhof Z into second with Mark also third on Calico Bay.

And the five-year-old Calico Bay came to the fore for Mark in another Foxhunter/1.20m with a good win. Raphaella Redfern took second with Epilot eight-year-old D Pilot and Perry Colgate was third aboard Padinus/Kannan 10-year-old Bregje.

Leesa Long was another double winner. She took the top two places in the 1.15m on the 13-year-old Tammys Girl and the Cavalier Royale 17-year-old LVS No Doubt and also lifted the top two in a Foxhunter/1.20m on Britannicus, a Padinus 10-year-old, and the 12-year-old Saber.

Holly Broad was another to go home with two wins. She topped the initial discovery with the Quality Time four-year-old Double M Quality, relegating Christopher Franks to second on the nine-year-old Fidertwist and Anna Austin on the five-year-old Larigo II into third.

Holly Broad was another to go home with two wins. She topped the initial discovery with the Quality Time four-year-old Double M Quality, relegating Christopher Franks to second on the nine-year-old Fidertwist and Anna Austin on the five-year-old Larigo II into third.

Holly’s second win came in the final day’s KBIS British novice with the five-year-old Queen of Clouds. Ella Upson took second on the nine-year-old Commonfield Mia with Amelia Upson in third on Terka.

Sarah Evans won the 90cm open aboard Master Imp 15-year-old Master Ballykean with Izzy Hopkins second on the seven-year-old Buckleys Royal Flyer and Heather Broad in third with Caretina II B F Z.

Philippa Jones took the concluding 1m open on the 18-year-old Carnaval Twist from Rebecca Sporne in second on the Emilion/Damiro 17-year-old Semilion.

Jasmin Collins took the last discovery on the Lancelot/Lux Z four-year-old Ballycommon Gem from second-placed Grace Cooper on the six-year-old Diarados Boy with Anna Beck third on the Phin Phin/Lux five-year-old Gabriella III.

Rebecca Symons won the initial 1m open riding the Luidam five-year-old Lisseygan Luise Royale, beating Southerly Roberts and the Carnaval Pleasure 10-year-old Fizz IV into second place. Miriam Goddard was third with Fernando G Z, a Flipper D’Elle eight-year-old.

Sara Loveridge was a 1.20m winner on the Quick Star/Cantus 15-year-old Upperclass M with Anna Beck in second on Darina Vina, a Larino/Lupicor eight-year-old, and Eleanor Nightingale third riding the 12-year-old mare Amberleigh Walk.

Kelly Lasarow claimed a win in the final day’s newcomers/1.10m with the Quadrillo/Cardino eight-year-old Inschallah Van De Pikkerie D14. Amy Smith took second on the Irish 15-year-old Templehill Merlin with Lily Bradstock third on Benedictus and Michael Fursedonn’s Baywood Chello fourth.

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