Trevor Breen is a winner in Bonheiden

British-based Irishman Trevor Breen headed Saturday’s 1.40m speed with the Lord Z/Bon Ami nine-year-old mare Bombay. The pair proved a force to be reckoned with, winning the class by one a half sec. Nicola Barry brought Darien II into fourth. Four faults dropped Laura Mantel and Glory B V to 13th with Danielle Farnsworth on new ride Claddagh Iroko – previously ridden by Alex Thompson – in 18th, also on four faults.

Danielle also tackled the small grand prix on Cornascriebe Ferro, but four faults in round one put them out of contention and into 15th spot.

Trevor and Bombay also topped the final day’s 1.35m, but had to share the spoils with Belgium’s Dieter Vermeiren on Ilias VH Hof Ter Veld after equalling the time. Adam Botham and Demograaf took fourth with Kathryn Ellison in fifth on Summer Cruise. Jessica Botham posted a double clear on Colorado Du Brio Vent Z for 11th with Georgia Lovett and Westend Gunner in 13th.

Brits filled five of the top eight places in Saturday’s 1.20m. Kathryn topped the proceedings with the 10-year-old mare Hanleen Sultis, beating fellow Brit Jessica Botham and Utah’s Uttopia by the slender margin of 0.03 sec. Charlotte Barry eased UFO Z into fourth with Bumble Thomas seventh on Aramis and Nicola Barry in eighth aboard El Nino V – all jumping double clear.Jessica led the way in Sunday’s 1.20m, winning by 0.30 sec. Laura Mantel on Esgracia took third just ahead of Kathryn and Hanleen Sultis. Camilla Bingham and Wembley claimed 11th spot.

Laura was just 0.33 sec off the pace to take second in the six-year-old on New Priory Stud’s consistent mare Funnycan. Four faults in the first phase dropped several Brits down the line. Danielle Farnsworth and Firestone took 12th, Carron Nicol was in 14th with Finnegan D, Charlotte Barry and Cludo claimed 15th, Adam Botham on Fatero took 17th and Camilla Bingham aboard Sportsfield Fleurie claimed 20th place.

Carron took second in Saturday’s five-year-old on Galerius, an impressive Diamant De Semilly/Sandros Boy stallion she purchased from Sovereign Equestrian. Carron jumped a nice double clear to finish four sec behind the winner, the occasionally British-based American Julie Welles on Laura Kraut’s Vienna. Danielle Hughes and Garfield stood eighth, Laura Mantel took 12th aboard New Priory Stud’s NPS Erleena and John Steels took 16th on Geronimo PC Z.

John eased the Contador/Bon Ami seven-year-old Einstein M into third in Sunday’s 1.10m, finishing two sec behind the winner. Chelsie Moult and Corfu took seventh with a double clear and Julie Whibley posted the fastest time of the class on Harlequin Joe, but at the expense of a rail to drop to eighth. Danielle Farnsworth on Pequena Beech took 11th just ahead of Camilla aboard Contanza in 12th. Charlotte Lee on Hillviewfarm Fergus took 14th.

Charlotte jumped a double clear in Saturday’s 1.10m to slot Fergus into fifth, seven sec behind the pace. Danielle claimed seventh on Pequena Beech with Julie in 10th on Harlequin Joe, John in 12th on Einstein M and Chelsie taking 16th with Corfu.

William Whitaker aboard Furmint took 13th in the 1.35m seven-year-old with a five fault total over two rounds, finishing just ahead of Trevor Breen on Enterprise in 14th and Liz Forrester in 15th aboard Elivander Elmaire, also on five faults.

Photos © Jumping Around