Hayley Webster and Kerrie Goodwin take the South silver and bronze semi-finals at Keysoe

Hayley Webster topped the Southern Silver League semi-final at Keysoe to ensure of a HOYS appearance with LK Rocky.

A total of 51 riders initially chased the seven coveted HOYS tickets on offer, and after the first round 33 of them were still in contention. A few more were lost in round two, and 22 eventually reached the jump-off. It was all to play for.

Several paid the price when speed overtook accuracy, but Isle of Wight based Hayley made no such mistake and brought the nine-year-old LK Rocky home to win by 1.27 sec.

Jessica Baugh slotted the Guidam/Cavalier Royale eight-year-old Castlemitchell Princess into second with Laura Whittington on the seven-year-old mare Calcourt Normandie in third. Steph Gunn and the seven-year-old stallion Quastor Du Buisson Z claimed the fourth qualifying spot, and Mark Thompson aboard the seven-year-old Goodtimes stallion Alex H took fifth.

Ashlea Silk-Jones claimed sixth and seventh, Valentina B, a Valentino seven-year-old, providing the steadiest clear with the Clinton II six-year-old Charly Grey sneaking into seventh on the fastest four faults.

Kerrie Goodwin is another delighted rider off to HOYS after heading the Horseware Bronze League semi-final on Roscoes Golani.

Again, seven tickets to the Horse of the Year Show were up for grabs, and 61 touted for the top seven places. And after two hard-fouht rounds, 19 were still in with a chance and contended the jump-off.

Kerrie was determined from the off and her 20-year-old Animo gelding Roscoes Golani, whom she has ridden for six years, matched her fervour, crossing the finsh line in an unbeatable time to win by an impressive 1.58 sec.

Laura Upton gained second place on the Weston Justice/Rockwell eight-year-old Rockabye Baby with Luke Humphrey on Soraja, a Gran Corrado/Peter Pan 17-year-old, in third. Florence Bellm and the Calvaro Z/Cruising 14-year-old Southbound are also going to HOYS with fourth alongside fifth-placed Alice Ellison and the Indoctro 10-year-old Britney IV, Steph Gunn and the eight-year-old Lady Larino in sixth and seventh-placed Rachel Vicary on the six-year-old Fjara. All seven jumped treble clears.


Silver League semi-final

1 Hayley Webster & Lk Rocky – 0/0/0–38.51

2 Jessica Baugh &Castlemitchell Princess – 0/0/0–39.78

3 Laura Whittington &Calcourt Normandie – 0/0/0–40.11

4 Stephanie Gunn & Questor Du Buisson Z – 0/0/0 – 40.35

5 Mark Thompson & Alex H – 0/0/0 – 40.48

6 Ashlea Silk-Jones & Valentina B – 0/0/0 – 42.52

7 Ashlea Silk-Jones &Charly Grey – 0/0/4 – 43.65

Horseware Bronze League semi-final

1 Kerrie Goodwin & Roscoes Golani – 0/0/0 – 31.58

2 Laura Upton & Rockabye Baby – 0/0/0 – 33.16

3 Luke Humphrey & Soraja – 0/0/0 – 33.58

4 Florence Bellm & Southbound – 0/0/0 – 33.60

5 Alice Ellison & Britney IV – 0/0/0 – 33.85

6 Stephanie Gunn & Lady Larino – 0/0/0 – 34.80

7 Rachel Vicary & Fjara – 0/0/0 – 35.72

NB: Qualifications will be updated pending official grading of results.

Photos © Jumping Around & Hoof Prints/Graham Gannon courtesy of British Showjumping