India Bussey takes the pony newcomers top spot at Keysoe

India Bussey claimed the Bluie Chip pony newcomer second round at Keysoe to ensure of her HOYS place in the final with Ocelot II.

A class of 58 bid for the two HOYS tickets, with 19 surviving the first round and only nine reached the third and final round against the clock.

Dismissing any pressure, India, 15, secured the top spot from second draw, guiding the 10-year-old Ocelot into an unassailable lead. India now has two ponies in the pony newcomer final, Ranchwood Latte is also HOYS bound after qualifying at Cherwell.

Lauren Roach, 14, was 0.98 sec behind on the eight-year-old dun mare Makita for the second qualifying spot.

Just missing out on HOYS and with the only other treble clear, Anoushka Mauree, 13, took third on Westervelds Florijn. Lottie Mayvers was fourth aboard Gortahark Maeve with Ma Gill in fifth on Sunset Saphire to take the National Championships Masters places and another qualifying chance.


1 India Bussey & Ocelor II – 0/0/0 – 41.65

2 Lauren Roach & Makita – 0/0/0 – 42.63

3 Anoushka Mauree & Westervelds Florijn – 0/0/0 – 44.94

4 Lottie Mayvers & Gortahork Maeve – 0/0/4 – 41.71

5 Mia Gill & Sunset Saphire – 0/0/4 – 42.77

NB: Qualifications will be updated pending grading of results.

Photo courtesy British Showjumping/Hoof Prints/Graham Gannon