Vintage Video: Hans Gunter Winkler and Halla

Hans Gunter Winkler and Halla in the 1956 Olympics Stockholm - 60 years ago! In the first round, Winkler pulled a groin muscle at the penultimate obstacle, after his mare took off early and threw him out of position. Despite the pain, Winkler decided to ride in the third round, as the German team would be eliminated without him. After he was given tranquilizers, Winkler found that he was comfortable sitting, but riding was difficult and painful. Any drugs that could reduce the pain enough to make him comfortable in the saddle would also reduce his mental capacity, and therefore he was only given black coffee before his ride to try to help reduce his dizziness and double-vision. However, his great mare, Halla, sensed that her rider was not right, and performed the entire course clear with almost only steering from Winkler, and their performance won them the individual gold.

Video courtesy YouTube/WarwickRex