Harry Bateman takes the top two in Petley Wood's British novice second round

Harry Bateman dominated the KBIS British novice second round at Petley Wood EC, lifting the top two places on Heerdelon and Zuniek VD Tojopehoeve Z.

From a field of 42, an eventual 18 reached the jump-off, with Harry taking the top spot on the four-year-old mare Heerdelon. And he guided Zuniek VD Tojopehoeve, another four-year-old mare, into second, 2.66 sec behind his winning round.

Catherine Fowdrey rode the Branco Van Overis five-year-old Fortunato J UK into third. Deborah Scott-Garrett claimed fourth on the Calvino Z six-year-old Cofie Z and Lucy Wood on the Inshallah De Muze/Warrant four-year-old Homme also produced treble clears to take finalist qualification at the National Championships, Stoneleigh, in August.

Amanda Stevenson and Whitesmith Jeneva claimed victory in the Nupafeed Supplements discovery second round.

Nine reached the third and final round, and eight provided treble clears to qualify for final at the National Championships, Stoneleigh, in August. But the win was all about the clock. Mid-drawn Andrea on Russell Stevenson’s six-year-old mare Jeneva proved the quickest, taking the win by 1.52 sec.

Lucy Brachet and Develine II, a nine-year-old by the Danish warmblood Bogegardens Apollo, took second with Catherine Fowdrey in third on the Aerobic seven-year-old Emalia.


KBIS British novice second round

1 Harry Bateman & Heerdelon – 0/0/0 33.90

2 Harry Bateman & Zuniek VD Tojopehoeve – 0/0/0 36.56

3 Catherine Fowdrey & Fortunato J UK – 0/0 37.51

4 Deborah Scott-Garrett & Cofie Z – 0/0/0 38.35

5 Lucy Wood & Homme 0/0/0 41.05

Nupafeed Supplements discovery second round

1 Amanda Stevenson & Whitesmith Jeneva – 0/0/0 41.59

2 Lucy Brachet & Develine II – 0/0/0 43.11

3 Catherine Fowdrey & Emalia – 0/0/0 44.56

4 Kulie Draper & Lauren Limite – 0/0/0 45.02

5 Romelia Port & Miss Lunavisto – 0/0/0 46.69

6 Rebecca Davidson & Royal Decorum – 0/0/0 47.27

7 Kirsty Welch & Renkum Carasina – 0/0/0 49.08

8 Amy O’Dell & Astrid W – 0/0/0 51.15

NB: Qualifications will be updated pending official grading of results

Photo courtesy of British Showjumping & Cliff Willard/Novo Photography