Rachael Connor claims another second round win at Bold Heath

Rachael Connor continued on her winning streak to take the KBIS British Novice second round at Bold Heath on B Valeree.

The Lancashire rider had already heade Dean Valley’s discovery second round with Hinde a week earlier, and at Bold Heath she outpaced all in the 15-horse decider, taking a commanding 3.60 sec win with the opening round.

The consistent Larino/Andiamo 10-year-old Valeree started jumping with Rachael in the New Year and has clocked up 18 wins since February, progressing from British novice to newcomers.

Sue Pountain, best remembered for her great partnership at International level with Ned Kelly in the 70’s and 80’s, came second on the Rush On M seven-year-old Arenal Den Castell. Emma Wilson was hot on her heels just a tenth of a sec slower with Casabian II.

Sisters Emma Sargeant and Katie Shaw claimed the next three places all aboard six-year-old mares, Emma taking fourth on Fantaisie B and Cicero’s Girl W Z and Katie sandwiched in between in fifth on Firisja II.


1 Rachael Connor & B Valeree – 0/0/0 26.21

2 Sue Pountain & Arenal Den Castell – 0/0/0 29.81

3 Emma Wilson & Casabian II – 0/0/0 29.91

4 Emma Sargeant & Fantaisie B – 0/0/0 30.38

5 Kate Shaw & Firisja II – 0/0/0 32.33

6 Emma Sargeant & Cicero’s Girl W Z – 0/0/0 33.24

7 Tallulah Turner & Zalmondo – 0/0/0 33.28

8 Ceri Chapman & Ramiro’s Roxy – 0/0/0 37.66

9 Michelle Doman & Cazino De Pravia – 0/0/0 40.70

Photo © Jumping Around