Laura Renwick takes a second at Glock's 5*

Laura Renwick slotted Heliodor Hybris, a Diamant de Semilly nine-year-old, into second in the 5* accumulator at Glock’s 5* Horse Show, Austria, conceding the win to Italy’s Emanuele Gaudino on Inca’s Big Think by 0.91 sec. John Whitaker and the Cassini I 12-year-old Lord of Arabia were in contention but hit the Joker to drop down the order.

John was best Brit in the 1.55m but was denied a jump-off chance when incurring one time fault on Ornellaia to take 18th. France’s Kevin Staut won the class on Estoy Aqui de Muze HDC. Laura and MHS Washington had five faults.

John’s daughter-in-law Kate Whitaker kept the British flag flying with a super win in the Glock’s amateur 1.35m final. She eased Eunomia, a Singapore seven-year-old, into the top spot by an amazing three sec.

And Elliott Gordon headed the 2* 1.40m speed on the Quinar/Cor De La Bryere 12-year-old, takng the win by 1.36 sec. Alexandra Thornton took sixth on Charielle in the 1.45m.

Photos © Jumping Around