Laura Renwick is best Brit at Glock's 5*

Laura Renwick was best Brit in the 5* 1.50m speed at Glock’s 5* in Treffen, Austria, finishing fourth on the 10-year-old Bintang. Robert Whitaker eased Catwalk into seventh. Ireland’s Bertram Allen proved unbeatable to take the win on Molly Malone, the Kannan 12-year-old bred in Britain by Keith Doyle.

Louise Whitaker was second on Ruby VIII in the 2* 1.45m speed, relinquishing the win to the USA’s Lucas Porter on B Once Z by 1.35 sec. Elliott Gordon was fourth on the 12-year-old Quintia.

Elliott pushed Rauhfaser, a Chin Chin 11-year-old, into fourth in the 2* 1.40m accumulator, 1.71 sec behind the pace. Alexandra Thornton took tenth on the Chacco-Blue 10-year-old Charielle.

Kate Whitaker took second in the Glocks amateur 1.30m, on Eunomia, a Singapore seven-year-old that has been tackling Foxhunter second rounds this summer. And John Whitaker jumped a steady clear on Old Lodge’s Leen OL to take 15th in the 1.40m youngster tour.

Photo © Jumping Around