Alice Watson hits form with Billy Lemon to take Oliva Nova's world ranking 1.45m

Alice Watson’s fabulous British-bred, Cevin Zmare Billy Lemon has bounced straight back into winning form on the MET4 tour in Oliva Nova. The pair, winners yesterday, claimed victory in the top-billed Gold tour world ranking 1.45m by almost two sec.

“She’s back! After a few quiet weeks off jumping on the last tour as she was unexplainably wasn’t feeling herself, se has just won a world ranking class in a field of 72,” said a delighted Alice.

Anna Edwards and the Tombola 10-year-old Blazer B took fifth in the 16-horse jump-off. Charlotte Platt eased Jenson 55 into eighth with Rebecca Marsh tenth on Venus III and Emma Stoker in 11th on Townhead Campus.

Heather Larson netted a great victory in the Gold 1.30m, taking the four-strong jump-off by an amazing eight sec on the Coriano 10-year-old Whitney XI. Ireland also featured in the jump-off with Sven Hadley taking third on the former Laura Renwick ride Wood Stock De Breve, a selle Francias seven-year-old, and Barry Drea was fourth on Okehurst Unbelievable. Four faults in the first round prevented Matt Clayton from contending the jump-off, but he took sixth on Queeny.

Maisie Drea took second in the Gold 1.35m on the Irish-bred 12-year-old Kinkeen Diamond, finishing ahead of her cousin Jessie Drea with the eight-year-old Dekato. Anna Edwards slotted Bon Jovi into fifth.

Lori Hannan claimed the Bronze 1.40m speed by an amazing six sec on the Darco 13-year-old Darcobal Fravanca. And Carmen Edwards took fifth in the Bronze 1.15m accumulator on My Candy.

Photo © Jumping Around

Results: CSI3* GOLD TOUR 1.45m – 1, Alice Watson/Billy Lemon 0/0 38.30; 4, Anna Edwards/Blazer B 0/0 43.06; 8, Charlotte Platt/Jenson 55 0/0 44.13; 10, Rebecca Marsh/Venus III 0/0 46.75; 11, Emma Stoker/Townhead Campus 0/4 42.63; 13, Heather Larson/Townhead Imagine De Muze 0/4 48.50; 22, Theo Simpson/Touch Of Chilli 4 77.70. 1.35m – 1, The Netherlands’ Kirsten Rikkert/Sorrento 0/0 23.25; 2, Maisie Drea/Kinkeen Diamond 0/0 26.94; 3, Jessie Drea/Dekato 0/0 27.63; 5, Anna Edwards/Bon Jovi 0/0 29.04; 11, Chloe Aston/Amigo T 0/13 56.82; 17, Katie Fletcher/Benz 4 55.55; 18, Emma Stoker/Miss Moneypenny 8 48.97. GOLD 1.30m – 1, Heather Larson/Whitney XI 0/0 44.14; 3, Sven Hadley/Wood Stock De Breve 0/4 42.51; 4, Barry Drea/Okehurst Unbelievable 0/4 44.74; 6, Matt Clayton/Queeny 4 88.44. CSI1* BRONZE TOUR 1.40m – 1, Lori Hannan/Darcobal Fravanca 0 59.39. BRONZE 1.25m – 1, Russia’s Valentin Vinogradov/V Power 0/0 39.61; 17, Andrew Saether/Sun2SafeCassara 2 5 94.91. BRONZE 1.15m ACCUMULATOR – 1, Ireland’s Tori Dunn/Bellscross Cruisedown 65 points 48.92; 5, Carmen Edwards/My Candy 65 55.93; 16, Romilly Simmons/Rukkato 61 61.64.