Vintage Video: Rodrigo Pessoa and Loro Piana Tomboy

Before the days of Baloubet Du Rouet, a young Rodrigo Pessoa dismisses the pressure and keeps a cool head to win the first ever Olympic medal in Equestrian for Brazil at Atlanta 1996 on the big-jumping Loro Piana Tomboy. Brazil took the team bronze medal.

When TomBoy was six or seven years old, he had an accident with his previous owner where he was startled by a vehicle and fell off a 2-3 meter bridge, injuring his front legs. One leg remained crooked as a result. When Pessoa acquired him, he stated that TomBoy was recovering very well over the years. When they began to jump, TomBoy could no longer tuck in his front legs to clear the obstacles. Subsequently, TomBoy over jumped the obstacles letting his front feet hang. Pessoa claimed it was a very funny way of jumping, however in return, he was very scopey and brave

Video courtesy YouTube/ImmortalSynn