Rose Moss and Rikki Gradley feature in Le Mans

In Le Mans, France, Rose Moss and the Rash R/Voltaire 13-year-old Weston took third in the 1.30m four sec off the pace and Rose also took eighth on the nine-year-old Carlos F in the 1.35m.

Rikki Gradley claimed fourth in the 1.25m Table C speed on the six-year-old Cassandra Z with his wife Claire in seventh on the Kannan six-year-old Kan Kan, who is out of the Darco mare Elegant C, the brilliant speed mare jumped by Julian Mincher, Keith Shore and Paul Barker.

Tracy Priest took sixth in the young horse on the Calvaro Z seven-year-old Caruso D’Eres Z with a double clear just half a sec off the pace. Claire was 10th on Top Dollar VI, a Dollar Du Murier seven-year-old and another out of Elegant C.

Photo © Jumping Around