Keith Shore takes a win and is best Brit in the world ranking 1.45m in San Giovanni

Keith Shore and Mystic Hurricane took fifth in the Riveira sun tour 1.45m world ranking, hard-fought speed class. Jay Buxton was 10th on the Arturo 8 13-year-old High Offley Arturo’s Catch with James Shore in 11th on Quillini.

Keith and the Zandor Z 18-year-old Zegreanne Z topped the 1.40m speed and took fourth on Coriander Van’t Vennehof and Joe Davison was 16th in the 1.35m on Chino d’Enfer, their jump-off four faults dropping them from a potential sixth.

Samantha Burbidge was second and third in the 1.10m with Itsallaboutlux and Lurgans Carrick Diamond and took third in the 1.15m aboard Horseheath Diamond Lad.

Photo © Jumping Around