Keith Shore posts a double in San Giovanni

On the Riveira sun tour in San Giovanni, Italy, Keith Shore scored a double with the Couleur Rubin 12-year-old Rubiroso JX, topping Thursday’s 1.40m B section and Friday’s 1.35m. Zegreanne Z was sixth in the 1.35m and Joe Davison took 12th on Chino d’Enfer.

Joe on Team Harmony’s Andiamo 14-year-old Vennoot took second in Thursday’s 1.40m A section just half a sec off the pace. Keith took 14th on the 14-year-old Coriander Van’t Vennehof with Jay Buxton directly behind him in 15th on the Montender nine-year-old Strides Hilana Sterne.

Keith was also in the frame in Thursday’s 1.35m, taking third on Zegreanne with James Shore taking a steadier route on the Diamant De Semilly eight-year-old Carnac Du Friou for 18th.

Jay was 12th in the seven-year-old on Lord Boy and James was third in the six-year-old on Colomans Cornet.

Keith and Coriander took third in Friday’s 1.40m and Joe aboard the Darco 14-year-old Calimero Van’t Roth took 10th in the 1.45m world ranking class.

Samantha Burbidge was third and sixth in the 1.10m on Itsallaboutlux and Lurgans Carrick Diamond and claimed 11 th in the 1.15m with Horseheath Diamond Lad.

Photo © Jumping Around