Jamie Wingrove is best Brit in Hardelot grand prix

A tough course in a tight time realised only three clears for the jump-off in Hardelot’s 3* grand prix in France, and Jamie Wingrove fell victim to the clock. Just one time fault prevented him from contending the jump-off on Ruth Reay’s Cardigan Z, but he was best Brit in fifth with the Chellano Z/Zeus 12-year-old.

Guy Williams was close behind in sixth on the Contendro 12-year-old Carlson, also on one time fault. Michael Whitaker took 10th on Valentin R on a round one four faults, and Steven Franks on Carlow Cruiser and Jake Saywell with Braveheart V were pushed down the line on five faults.

The Netherlands’ Remco Breen produced the only double clear to win on the Heartbreaker nine-year-old Holland VD Bisschop.

Laura Renwick won the other 3* class on offer, topping the 10-strong jump-off on the Mr Blue 11-year-old Rembrandt Blue from British-based Irishman Shane Breen with the 10-year-old Guidam Van Het Achterhoek by 0.60 sec.

Guy netted third in the grand prix on Cornado Jnr, a Westfalian seven-year-old by Cornado, posting the fastest time but at the expense of a rail in the four-horse decider. Four Faults in the first round put Sarah Lewis and Doonaveeragh Emma in eighth.

Photo © Jumping Around

Results: CSI3* GRAND PRIX – 1, The Netherlands’ Remco Been/Holland VD Bisschop 0/0 52.67; 5, Jamie Wingrove/Cardigan Z 1 88.26; 6, Guy Williams/Carlson 1 89.12; 10, Michael Whitaker/Valentin R 4 84.84; 18, Steven Franks/Carlow Cruiser 5 89.25; 20, Jake Saywell/Braveheart V 5 90.62; 25, James Smith/Tyson Uno 8 87.04. CSI3* jump-off – 1, Laura Renwick/Rembrandt Blue 0/0 39.69; 2, Ireland’s Shane Breen/Guidam Van Het Achterhoek 0/0 40.29; 20, James Smith/Theoreme Du Desir 4 86.81; 22, Jake Saywell/Grand Cru Van Paemel 4 86.84; 25, Jamie Wingrove/Carina 8 81.71; 27, Holly Gillott/Lammy Beach 9 90.14. CSI 1* GRAND PRIX – 1, France’s Alexandre Leriche/Tel Elu De St Simeon 0/0 44.35; 3, Guy Williams/Corando Jnr 0/4 44.26; 8, Sarah Lewis/Doonaveeragh Emma 4 80.36; 10, Laura Renwick/Shiraz II 4 81.42; 12, Chloe Breen/Zidane VIII 5 83.25; 18, Kirstie Leightley/Einstein II 9 84.71.