Meet Vicky Young

Vicky and brothers Steven & Martin all enjoyed great pony careers. Vicky went on to top-level young riders, winning at Olympia, and has produced several horses to grade A & International level. She is based in Nottinghamshire with her Mom Linda and Dad Willie, a former Scottish International footballer.

Age started riding: I wasn’t very keen until I was 10, I cried every time my mom Linda put me on a pony. We had a riding school so riding wasn’t a massive thing for me, I’d rather make dens in the hay and straw barns.

First horse/pony: Quest. He was a 13hh liver chestnut with a question mark blaze on his face and he was a saint. He was in the riding school and he bombed off with adults but was as quiet as anything with kids. My cousin Jan used to pinch him! My first competition pony was a working hunter pony called Buttons. He hated coloured fences and used to slat me off at every one, but he’d jump rustic fences. If number one was a rustic, I’d get to fence two, but my brother Steven could win on him.

Best win: The Olympia young riders with My Double Diamond. I’d tried giving up show jumping all year but my mom wouldn’t let me. Olympia was our last show and we won. I gave up jumping and went to college studying biology, geography and maths and university doing bio medicine. I wanted to ride really but mom told me I couldn’t live at home if I didn’t get an education so I gave up riding!

Best horse: Corleon. He won the Hickstead grade C final and was fourth in the Queen’s Cup the following year. Until I gave up and then returned to show jumping I hadn’t realised how good he was. I appreciate the winners now. I think back to when I took Now Or Never to Hickstead and didn’t get over the third fence and I wish I’d appreciated Corleon more at the time – he was a very kind horse.

Horse you would most like to ride: Ellen Whitaker’s Kanselier. I adored him, he was good enough to be a world cup horse and fast enough as the best speed horse – and we all want to be Ellen!

Equestrian hero: John Whitaker. He’s my favourite, s much fun and a big teddy bear! Not only is he a fantastic rider, he’s my dancing partner. He picks me up in a fireman’s lift and carries me to the dance floor. He’s an awesome jockey, too.

Alternative career: A pole dancer!

Show Jumping ambition: To have a top grand prix horse and see where we went. But I don’t have the money or a good enough lorry. The only way I’d get to the Spanish sunshine tour is to hack!

Favourite song: Superstar – Jamelia. I love that song and used to dance to it all the time. Oh, and Britney Spears – One More Time. I thought I was Britney, I used to do the head flick and everything, all the moves.

Ideal dinner party guests: Geoff Billington with a microphone. Derek Morton and John Whitaker, my dancing partners. Britney Spears. Bruno from Strictly Come Dancing – He’s so funny and gives it large on whoever is dancing.

Gleb, the new hottie in Strictly, but he would have to wear his see-through top. And I’d leave one chair free for the baby oil! Christian Grey from 50 shades of grey – and another chair free for all his gear! And last but not least, my partners in crime [fellow show jumpers] Grace Barton and Lara Abraham. That would make one wild night!

Photos © Jumping Around & Wikimedia Commons