Nicole Pavitt takes second in Vilamoura's world ranking class

Nicole Pavitt featured in the Atlantic tour, Vilamoura, again today, grabbing second with Victor Blue (pictured) in the world ranking 1.45m, won by France's Olivier Guillon (Rafale D'Hyverniere). Emma stoker (Townhead Campus) took ninth, Nicole (Areeb OL) was 20th and Dan Moseley (Cordalis 7) was 22nd. And Nicole and the consistent Amaryllis Van De Heffinck topped the 1.35m. Sophie Fawcett (Quite Cadiz) was fourth with Jackson Reed-stephenson (Don Karlos) eighth, Dan Moseley 17th (Dexter X) and 19th (Dakota) and Maja Burnell (Crona CR) 18th. Emma Stoker (Miss Moneypenny) took fourth in the 1.30m with Bryony Ward (Disney KJ) 18th. Eleri Guy and Tors La Loi won the 1.20m with Laura Mantel (Esgracia) tenth, Leo Lorimer (Hi Miss Coliene M) 11th, Ryan Crumley (Ines) 12th and Suzy Golding (Heidi IV) 17th. Angela Eardley took fourth in the 1.10m on Jesta Van De Noordhoek with Shannon Kelly (Amadeus VII) fifth. Anna Duff and Shaw Farm Stud's SFS Harriet (Arko's Boy/Cartano) won the five-year-old. John Crippen and AS Bombay took third and eight (Galant IV) with Scarlette Norman (Flavie Van De Helle) fifth, Nicole Pavitt (Newtonhill Monaco) sixth, Emma Stoker (Shariva) 11th, Rebecca Roe 14th and 15th on Gianni HC and Eclipse II, Lisa Hales (Genairo III Van De Zeilhoek) 16th Laura Mantel (NPS Erleena) 19th and Alex Barr (Falco) 22nd.

Photo © Jumping Around