Eric Lamaze wins in Wellington

At WEF, Wellington, Canada's Eric Lamaze headed the big class, the £130K WEF challenge round VII with Fine Lady 5 in a hot, 27-strong jump-off. “I think whenever you are in a jump-off like that, you basically just go as fast as you think your horse can go and hope that some of those forward distances keep showing up so that you can keep going fast,” Lamaze explained. “With her, I can really trust her and show her some hard angles and believe that she will do the right thing, so I was again on the right horse for a jump-off with so many in it. A lot of it becomes about risk and what you are willing to risk. That is how you win those classes.” One time fault prevented Nick Skelton and Untouched from contending the jump-off. George Whitaker jumped a nice double clear in the 1.35m on Donnate for 16th and James Wingrave incurred just one time fault in the six-year-old jump-off on Casio Royale for sixth.

Photo © Sportfot