British victories in Spain

On the Spanish sunshine tour, Vejer, Brits Chloe Aston on Amigo T (pictured, bay) and Robert Bevis with Vogue both won the Big tour accumulator, which was split into two sections. Shane Breen (Eclips) and Matt Sampson (Billy Tortilla) took second, Jake Saywell (Special K) was third with Tim Wilks (Inca Boy Van't Vianahof) and Pippa Allen (Balantines K) fourth, Theo Simpson (Touch of Chilli) and Simon Crippen (Atlanta VIII) fifth, Phillip Miller (Darona) sixth and Justin Tuff (Man from Del Monte) and Laura Robinson (Lombelle) eighth. In the feature Big tour D, Guy Williams and Depardieu Van't Kiezelhof took third with Chloe Aston (Kolibri Classic) fourth. Italy's Luca Moneta (Neptune Brecourt) was the winner. John Whitaker (Echo of Light) was seventh and Billy Twomey (Lizziemary) was 15th on one time fault.

Tim Page and Duc D'Arsouilles (pictured, chestnut) topped the Big tour A1 speed with Joe Whitaker (Shearwater Upanda) third, Henry Turrell (Barbados III) fourth, Louise Whitaker (Cleopatra) sixth, Jude Burgess (Comeback De Fremis) eighth, Stevie Crosby (Carabas Girl) ninth, Spencer Roe (Dirginia) 13th, William Whitaker (Arkol) 17th, James Whitaker (Mersley Chakotay) 19th and Mark Armstrong (Balougio) 20th. In a British top five, Matt Sampson and Dolanda topped the Big tour A2 with Chloe Aston (Chateau De Brion Quainton) second, Max Routledge (Carus Royale) third, Sally Hopkinson (Cartouche) fourth and Kerry Brennan (Dynamic III) fifth. Ireland's Richard Howley (D Millfield Darin) took seventh with Tim Page (Galano Ter Klomp) eighth, Alicia Smallman (Nadzaro Bliniere) ninth, Spencer Roe (Candela 27) 11th, Jess Dimmock (Billy Anderson) 16th, Tim Wilks (Cavaccio) 19th and Georgia Tame (Bolien) 20th. Yazmin Pinchen (Con Chilli) took second in the Big tour C two phase with Tim Page (Steady The Helm) third, Jake Saywell (Havinia Van De Roshoeve) fifth, Patrick Nisbett (Quick Caporal Z) sixth, Billy Twomey (Tin Tin) seventh, Phillip Miller (Sussex Caretino) ninth, Robert Maguire (Anastasia Van De Helle) tenth and Harriet Nuttall (Galway Bay Jed) 15th. Kayleigh Watts scored a double in the classic tour series, taking a one-two in the tour D with Eburon Van't Nachtegalehof and Charmeur. Dereck McCoppin took fourth (Billy Diamond) and tenth (Whiterock Lucky Lady), Richard Barton (Donata) was fifth with Jake Aston (Celeste SPB Z) ninth and Alison Barton (Roma IV) 12th. Winde marked Kayleigh's second win in the classic tour C with Abbie Crippen (Vilka B) second, Alison Barton (Billy Anna) third, Kerstin Deakin (Sunsolde) fifth, Dereck McCoppin (Chopard Van Overis Z) eighth, Chloe Breen (Zidane VIII) ninth and Connor Moore (Mr Willoughby) 20th. Ellie Hall-McAteer doubled up with the classic tour B on Dazzle II and the classic tour A on Blush. In the tour B, Ellie Stevenson (High Offley Business Centre) took third with Chloe Breen (Zooey) fifth, Bethanie Knight (Dior) 11th and James Pinkney (Billinghausen) 17th. In the classicic tour A, Oliver Tuff (Cumana Van Potelberg) was third with Jessica Elliott (Ulette) fourth, Charlotte Horne (Tinkas Gift) fifth, Elisha Johnson (Baccara VDW) sixth, Nancy Pinchen (Zodiac Z) eighth, Polly Gredley tenth (Unex Barrichello) and 15th (Grand Conan II), and Emily Johnson (Inferna) 12th.

Photos © Jumping Around